How I Came to be an American

Inspired by Mae Foreman

My great grandparents left Italy and Sicily after World War I. They left to escape a growing fascist regime with aspirations of new opportunities in a new land. Far away to America. The United States of America. A fresh, new country. A land of hopes and dreams. They worked hard helping to shape the country that this is today. They took little with them and made do with what they could acquire here. They adapted to the culture and mixed it with their own. Losing some of their original identity along the way, language, customs, religion, cuisine but gaining a new one in its place. Proud new Americans whose children fought as Americans in World War II. Helping this country to prevail and continue to fulfill the dreams of those seeking a better life. Their children’s children and their children in turn, Americans, fighting wars and terrorism for their own freedom and the freedom of others around the world. It really is a great country, even when its not so good. Things are much worse in other places. My ancestors came here to be Americans. That is how I came to be an American.

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Mae Foreman

Sun 21st Jul 2019 21:41

Hey Lisa! I just read this! You honor me greatly! I'm so touched! And congratulations, for a lovely text and a touching story. I respect and admire you and your family deeply. I understand the frustration as well as the beauty that comes with duality such as being bilingual or an immigrant. Land of the free, eh? Sounds good! Maybe some day I'll visit!
Many many thanks for mentionning me. All my love from the land of humid swelters!
I'm so so touched and if I may, you perform very well in prose! Keep it up! You are an excellent artist!
Thank you again ?

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Lisa C Bassignani

Sat 20th Jul 2019 12:27

Thanks Everyone! You should always be proud of who you are.

Rose, I was always told there is some Native American blood from my mothers side. She was 1/2 Italian and allegedly French-Canadian and Huron Native American. There is no-one left on her side to confirm so only a DNA test will tell. My father's brother recently had one done and we are apparently a smidge Somalian also...! Thank you for noticing! Ultimately, it's not what 's in us that makes us. It's what we put forth.

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Rose Casserley

Sat 20th Jul 2019 10:22

Hi Lisa. I thought you looked a bit Native American'ish! but hey, thank god those, over-sexed over here yankee doodle dandlers WERE over here just when we needed them to prevent Adolf from kicking our butts.

A lot of anti-Amercan thinkers need to remember that.

Enjoyed the read mucho

Rose ?

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Don Matthews

Sat 20th Jul 2019 03:47

It's nice to see others coming out and identifying themselves in their work. Not always easy on an open stage with an audience of strangers......

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Lisa C Bassignani

Sat 20th Jul 2019 01:35

Thank You Mae?

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