The Something

There’s a great big Something sitting at my door,

it sits there and watches but no more. 

Somethings are rare and don’t happen very much, 

so of course I’m confused as to what to do with it.

As I look at the Something, it looks back at me

and shows me the wonderful things it could be. 

It shows me what I could have done,

could have been,

could have bought,

could have seen.  

It shows me what I could be,

could do,

could see,

could show. 

It shows me my past,

my present,

and the millions of possibilities my future holds. 

The Something sits there, 

doing no more 

than waiting for me to take the chance

it offers. 

I watch it from the window to see what it does, 

cautiously, warily waiting for it to make a move. 

But it does not, only sits and waits

for in order to do, 

you have to take that chance, 

make that blind leap of faith,

and open your eyes to the world around you. 

That Something is nothing more than

what you make of it. 

You can choose to make the most out of 

your Something or

leave it sitting at the door until it fades away. 

But the Something doesn’t get to decide. 

It’s your choice to make, 

and your fate to decide.

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