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32 Days of Pain


It’s day 54. 

We’re running behind schedule in this process of healing.



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32 Days of Pain

I gave birth to a bruise today.


It's all my life’s pains combined in one big baby of pain.

I will nurture it and cherish it

As it sucks the life out of me

Before fading away ungratefully.

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I went to an art gallery with my grandmother the other day

Kept circling the same room for hours 


She had a different opinion every time

about those 12 paintings we kept looking at


Afterwards we went back home

I made some coffee

And introduced myself to her for the very last time

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32 Days of Pain

the clouds are in a hurry

raindrops are shooting down

waves rush in their rise

flowers bloom within seconds


everything is sped up in the eye of my mind

and gets faster as days go by

and I spin

faster and faster in the shell of my life

waiting for the day it breaks and I can 

finally be released from this endless chaos

and then




and it slows do...

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