A dark star


What is the curve of time?

Which degree of differentiation

Is required to establish a rate of exchange

With respect to time?

There are a number of ways

To fix this derivative:

They all amount to the same


In the end.


In the fourth dimension

The gradient of the curve of time

Is flat, time is still,

Unlike the curvature of spacetime

In our dimension

Where black holes appear

Or so the Schwarzschild radius shows:

\[  R_ s = \frac{2 G_ N M}{c^2}  \]


Gravity is the mass of the object,

Times the speed of light.

A singularity, a curvature,

Is a dark star

At night.


A child's fright is set

Set deep in the deep-set night

So large and persistent a dilemna that even

Numbers cannot solve.

General relativity theory breaks down

When we just stand around,

and cry.

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Devon Brock

Thu 4th Jul 2019 13:59

Siriusly brilliant, John. The grim calculations of men meant only to shield them from their own nothingness.


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