Civilization Takes Two

you be lightning

I’ll be slime 

be single-celled organism 

I’ll be time 


you be the reptile 

I’ll be the worm 

I’ll be the feathers 

you be the bird 


you be the monkey

I’ll be the banana 

you be the land bridge

I’ll be Siberia 


be Jesus Christ 

I’ll be the jews 

be Julius Cesar 

what’s there to lose 


civilization takes two 

my darling 

civilization takes two 


be Guttenberg 

I’ll be the press 

be Martin Luther

while I get dressed


be Columbus 

I’ll be Taino 

be Montezuma 

I’ll play Cortes 


I’ll fight you naked on the bed

I’ll let you win 

I’ll serve you instead 

with a slice of onion 


your highness 

civilization takes two 

your highness 

civilization takes two 


be the declaration 

I’ll be the redcoats 

be Abraham Lincoln 

I’ll play Jim Crow 


Be Susan B. Anthony 

I’ll be your corset 

be the Wright Brothers

I’m a UFO 


civilization takes two, princess

off with my head


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