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Christianity and other myths

by Tommy Carroll

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She said: ''You forget about

the fall back position

of Christianity: 


According to the Catholic church 

all 'souls' that had no faith

but were without sin- 

ended up there.

I envisage  

countless babies 

crawling around for eternity, 

crying for their mums!''

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words and image Tommy Carroll


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Tommy Carroll

Sun 14th Jul 2019 21:04

Thanks Rachel. I will have to read the article again as my head is sore and I'm suffering from writing simmilar stuff! please see below.

Higg's Boson

by Tommy Carroll

(125 GeV/c2)

The Boson that is Higgs,
hides when it jiggs,

with an end nearly instant
and the unification of quantum chromodynamics still quite distant

the search for the particle,
was often quite farcical

the technology involved
in the cost that's financial

unlike the thing itself
is massively substantial.

Words and lmage Tommy Carroll


Sun 14th Jul 2019 10:56

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