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Wild Flower

He loves me, he loves me not.
In my hands I hold our fate - 
watching as the petals drop
as if to insinuate
a predictable future
from this one wild flower.

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I still remember that day

and all the feelings that came

when you took your life away;

nothing was ever the same.

No matter how much they tried

they couldn’t bring back your life.

Every day after you died

darkness snuffed out all the light.

After the months of sadness

following your suicide,

sadness turns into madness –

why the fuck did you take your life.

The l...

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It seems like just yesterday

we were kissing and talking

about our plans for the day

opportunity knocking.


I can only imagine

the possibilities of

how things could have happened

if I had shown you more love.


Perhaps you’d still be with me

if I had taken the time

to understand you had needs

instead of focusing on mine.


As I sit here alone thinking ...

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Everyone has their secrets,

some are just better liars –

they never show their weakness.

Inside they burn like wildfire.


Without a conscience you are free

from the torment and the dread.

It is such bullshit and irony

that Hell exists only in your head.


The walls you build imprison

keeping altruism distant,

intentional abscission

from a life worth existenc...

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Ice Queen

entry picture

A girl who wanted nothing more than to feel belonging, felt that her life had been prolonging. The girl struggled with her weight—starving and binging what she ate; and with that hatred she turned to self, and placed her feelings on a shelf. She had a mother stern and strong, and a father that was never taught right from wrong. She turned to drinking to stall the pain, with each sip killing her br...

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entry picture

Is emptiness a feeling?

Or is it the emotions

your smile is concealing?

Your head full of commotions.


What is it you believe in?

Universe – religion – self,

I can see it in your eyes –

it’s clear that you need some help!


They control you with your fears,

if only you could lull their

faint whispering in your ears.

Constant internal warfare.


They sa...

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Ask yourself this - 

living in a world of things,

what brings meaning 

when the only inevitability is change?


Don't live to own,

no satisfaction ever came from possession.

The most beautiful flower ever grown

can only be appreciated if left alone.


And you are this flower -

wild and free.

You define the moments.

Don't stifle, grow.

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Two Lives Together Estranged

It's crazy how much can change.

Once familiar, now is strange.

The you I knew as my friend

now I barely comprehend.

Two lives, together, estranged.

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A Conversation

If I could ask you a question - 

do you think you would humor me?

How do you think my depression

will end up devouring me?


This sickness inside my stomach

is all from inside of my head.

Around me, my life has plummet -

I really could just drop dead.


Like picking up a puzzle piece 

so sharp it cuts your hands like glass.

If only these thoughts would cease.


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Strange Tides

Her love was like the ocean

whose tide pulled and swept away

the world and all its commotion,

leaving behind death and decay.


Before you raise your judgement 

on this lonely wretched girl,

understand it's not what she meant

to have the world unfurl.


You see, she only knew how

to feel broken and dead inside,

and what she didn't know was

how to be alive.


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She never was an angel
Yet, there was light about her.
They say good conquers evil
But even the bold falter.

Inside her head thoughts ran deep -
Popping pills to stay relaxed.
Mental scars and lack of sleep
Cause for another Prozac.

Simple fix becomes habit,
Self-prescribed daily doses,
Tells herself 'I must have it' - 
Life less lived comatose.

Drug induced comfort, forget-me-co...

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Silent Battles

There's nothing louder than silence,

Like gasping, drowning on air.

Tried looking around for guidance - 

No one really seemed to care.


To go about life unnoticed

Without so much a remark,

If only just for a moment

Beauty gets wasted in dark.


Take these words as you will have them

They never belonged to me.

Come follow my course in tandem,

It's the truth t...

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Valiant Valkyrie

Valiant Valkyrie, burning with white light,

she rips across the sky like lightning bolts across the night.

Demoralizing demons dwelling in the hearts of man,

she smites the sons of Satan and drives evil from this land.

All attacks upon her are attacks upon the self -

for how could one damage that which is good and nothing else?

Perfect in her imperfection,

beauty in her battle...

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What Was Left of Me Is Now History:

This family is a broken tree,

look at what they did to me.

Along the way I’ve lost my mind –

dug deep inside, it’s hard to find

the purpose in this misery.

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entry picture

My life is good.

My life is bad.

I have everything I could wish for.

I have nothing at all.

I take many pills.

I’m not sure why.

I am the happiest person you will meet.

I am the saddest person you will know.

I am not crazy

But I feel I am losing my mind.

I am unique.

I am not unique if everyone else claims the same as I do.

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