I could see a face beneath the ice

deprived of air to breathe

without a voice,

trapped inside a frosted world

that gave no heed, no blessed welcome

save the Universal One

the Holy Ghost lingering there

a shadow in the deepest deep

all secrets alone forever to keep.




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Tue 30th Jul 2019 15:29

Thanks for coming through David. I'm glad you looked into it, and to be honest I didn't have a plan, but liked the idea of it, and perhaps the thing behind it is the unreachable elements of life and the inevitable question is there a God that remains out of the picture for some and apparently all seeing for others, the ice being the division some may feel about it. Yours is an interesting take; we are a bit like sea urchins with so many sensors that one may brush past like a fish and activate the whole person. That in itself is a fairly ghostly concept (at least today). Medication time obviously or the coat.


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Sat 27th Jul 2019 23:19

Many thanks all you welcome readers for the likes on this one.

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