The Pilot


The pilot soared, flew rings around

the eagles and the popcorn clouds

to fly his calling, to it so bound

he never wanted to come down


The pilot flew with such a flair

and only then was when he shared

a time so perfect and so rare

he knew his luck was being there


Bound to the earth, so ill-prepared

to fly took all the time he spared

since a young child he scanned the skies

his only wish since then to fly


The experience, unique and rare

being back on land, he could not bear

he loved the feel of cold clean air

if returned to earth, he floundered there


For once a pilot learns the game

of gliding into space in planes

he'll never ever be the same

in heaven's sky seeks to remain


Returned to earth he reasons why

his only home is in the sky

the pilot wise to bid goodbye

exchange the earth for endless sky.



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Wed 10th Jul 2019 12:33

Strong and captivating poem D. Reminds me of the book by Charles Lindbergh, a good read. His fighting to stay awake for hours on end was nothing like your account, which was an easy read!


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