Icelight in my eyes

Iceflowers in the wind

storm black night

stings me awake

dreams scatter

light disperses

(black with cloud,

into uncertain verses,

earth, in grave colours)

No black candles here

no witches’ moon,

no lifting of the gloom

gone, gone, all too soon

(see the dead a-glimmering

brimful against the sky).

Alone in a room,

iceflowers zoom

a-shimmer in my head

the living and the dead

(a dark-blue bloom

on the far-away moon)

The heart is never done,

words stumble into line

we are not who we think we are

phoenixes made of time

 (flesh  blood,

bread, wine).

Still the music of the spheres,

reverberates in an echoing sky,

Invisible moonbeams come

drifting quietly by.

( line-up the distant hills

 write-up the glowering sky

let it all go tumbling by).







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