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Liam Osaneo on Rage (Sun, 26 Apr 2020 08:52 pm)


Every word I pretend not to hear

riddles me with fear 

I stick it in a cage

it fuels me for another day

Why do I feel this way?

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Opportunities to the left and right

Not a single talent or desire in sight

Sitting inside lettin out a sigh 

Running out of time 

What's the meaning of this life

Who was I meant to be?

Who do I yearn to be?

Not a single answer in my mind

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When I was younger 

all I did was hunger

to be in your loving arms

to feel your warm embrace 

but all you did was spread me 

all over the place

your constant discontent 

ate at the layers 

the layers of my skin

my tissue was your issue

it wasn’t of your kin

I wasn’t made of your DNA

so you left me malnourished 

my flesh would rot

I would beg you

to heal...

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Something New


We started out small

baby steps

we went from holding hands

to hugging

you weren’t used to it

it was foreign to us both

but we decided to jump in the same boat

slowly we start to row


to cuddling

we still have a ways to go

even if we aren’t always leveled

we still find ourselves rowing the same boat.

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lovesomething new

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