invisible Army

to be controlled
like really controlled
no exeption the effort
my life you hold

I yes Me
as it stands
to be confined in the palms of your hands

My talents and gifts
do they not matter
as you clench your fists
my soul does shatter

so why did you send me down
I ask
to disguise my beauty
behind this mask

a delicate flower
 the Art god mastered
hardened cemented
pebble dashed and plastered

a life time spent
with jokers and fools
in faith in the distance is
you with your tools

is what has got me to now
my patience youv tested
but I'm still here still patient somehow

the silent fighter amongst
the robots
they think I know little
but I know lots

an emotionless army
dismissing my  inteligence
disguised and staged
crowd pleasing elegance

The fact I'm labelled but saying
this now
proves I'm ahead of your system

for in this Autistic brain full of knowledge
my truth is from me
I don't need your college

I can't act out a script written
 for many
just to add to the tax payers penny

unique mechanisms my
unique brain
my golden silence
you label insane

so i stand waiting
 my demolition
to break down the walls
of the politician

discrimination contradictions you
 push us aside
medicating numbing
many have died
not I

to speak your language
to generalise

neurotypical robots
then theres us sent from the sky's.

blessed with solutions and
answers unheard
freedom on way
for every caged bird

to you a parrot just feathers
and beak
deny him his wings
now he does speak

inteligent creature with
miraculous wings
incarcerated but talks
and sings

I feel you parrot
beautiful bright
caged up and lonely
deprivation of flight

get ready the birds
cages will rattle
freedom joined forces
our spiritual battle

the silence will break
come bring your tools
ready so strong
now who's the fools

darkness get ready
freedom in flight
unfortunate robots
defeated by light

darkness fooled no one
but the dark for too long
you caged us you thought you
had won but ..WRONG

Artificial lights and
processed dinners
Real verses fake and
we Are the Winners

the tables are turning
magical soon
it takes just one candle to
light a dark room

I fear nothing.. no fear
silent fighter
darkest weakness
love makes us brighter


ADHDASDaspergersAutismlight workersspiritual

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