Storm of Hatredness!

There was a storm of hatredness

That Storm hit me with

Ugly Expressions

Wrong Interpretations

False Allegations

Mental tensions

Murderous actions

Extreme emotions and pains

Screams and cries

That storm was something which I can’t define

How much it ruined me

How much they grilled me with their twisted lies

It’s wondering how they got such strength

To trod me down in the very dirt

The dirt,which they were having deep within themselves


Atmosphere of violence pervades

They want me to get swayed

Towards negativities

Towards inferiorities

Towards complexities

Their eagerness to see me sad

They are anxiously waiting for my bad

My happiness for them is reason for them being sad

They want to cut me with their cruel eyes

They want to shoot me with their ugly words

They want to see me broken into pieces

Broken by heart

Broken by mind

Broken by Heart

They want me to see




They are well educated by their close backbiter

Today these backbiters are their best glitters..


Bindu Trigunayak

◄ I wish to have peace of mind..

Stay True to your Heart ►


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