The Band With Five Hands

Little Jimmy Bailey a wavertree lad

Lived with his brothers and a drunken dad
His mother walked out she couldn't cope
Never even left them a bar of soap
So little Jimmy with the dirty face
Wore shoes with holes and only one lace
Quick witted and fast good with his hands
Made a gutar from a box and lazzy bands
Oh he loved a sing song young Jimmy did
He wrote songs in his head since he was a kid
As he got older and opened his eyes
His songs kept on coming and words got more wise
All the practicing with lazzy bands
Made Jimmy a star with his voice and his hands
He started to busk and saved up for some strings
A second hand keyboard and musical things
He got really good and formed a small band
Franny the drummer and Steve with one hand
Everynight they would jam together
Got a few gigs and rocked up in leather
They called them selves the band with five hands
They were booked up til Christmas had no time for plans
Before they knew it they were touring the sky's
living the dream with stars in their eyes
numerous hits..they were top of the charts
back at their digs for beer pizza darts
Although there job was far from boring
the band agreed to split after touring
they were grateful enough for their glammerous life
all that was missing was kids and a wife
they set off together back to Scouse land
with all of their riches they made from the band
they borded the plane with memories of magic
I'm sorry to say the ending is tragic
The plane lost a wing before it could land
a one winged aircraft and a 5 handed band
they sunk in the ocean never to be seen
that was the end of young jimmys dream .



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Angel whisperer indigo child x

Thu 11th Jul 2019 14:39

haha that's a nice idea mindy Newton
I agree it's quite a cruel ending
but I believe in the afterlife
they will all be up there jamming with no earthly burdens attatched xx

Amanda Morton

Thu 11th Jul 2019 13:51

That poem is amazing! I adore your work xxx

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