We Wait For Rain



We wait for rain

to soothe the ground

and take away its burn

the grass is scorched

the trees look weak

the flower petals crinkle

and turn brown

we wait for rain

to comfort the tired and broken

fill up the cracks

fill in the broken promises

the weatherman has made

we wait for rain

as summer has no sympathy

rain to bring back softness

to refresh our memories

to quench our thirst

to heal our souls

upon this living

breathing earth.



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Mon 29th Jul 2019 19:57

Especially liked the refrain bit emphasising the word rain. ?

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Don Matthews

Mon 29th Jul 2019 13:25


Please excuse me rhyming
Your comment had a lilt
Which set my neurons whirring
It needs to come out, spilt

You should have been here yesterday
It rained nonstop all day
Today is bright and sunny
I'm going to mow the lawn

(Sorry dk, Keith got in first....)

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keith jeffries

Mon 29th Jul 2019 11:10


A good poem. You should have been here yesterday as it poured with rain non stop all day. Today is bright and sunny and I am going to mow the lawn.

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