I wanna be one of the noisy boys

I wanna be one of the boys,

striding about with power tools

showing off my toys.


I wanna get kitted with engines fitted

that smell and cut and chop,

things with extensions of massive dimensions

the biggest in the shop.


I'll cut my way through night and day

creating havoc wherever I go,

be a very noisy neighbour

reaping trouble with friend or foe.


Petrol powered it has to be

to take on any bush or tree,

a whining strimmer to finish the job

and that'll be good enough for me.


I wanna be one of the noisy boys

I wanna be one of the boys,

striding about with power tools

showing off my toys.


Sunday's the time to make myself felt

a day of rest but there you go,

distressing the dog and making it bark

starting early , up with the lark.


I make my presence very high viz

in terms of sound, oh yeah! gee whizz.

I must admit that nothing's safe

when i'm around, i'll flatten it down.


My aim is to play the power game

the Texas chainsaw massacre game,

shamelessly blamelessly loud and crude

and if tackled I certainly will be rude.


I wanna be one of the noisy boys

I wanna be one of the boys.

Striding about with my power tools

showing off my toys.




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Sun 4th Aug 2019 13:09

Thanks Rachel for sharing those salient points with which I completely agree. Many tools can be fairly quiet affairs and also the whispering of a plane can be therapeutic or indeed anything that requires complete attention . A sort of meditation, utterly different from my savage poem! Crafts in the workshop are GO. Aythangyo.


Sun 4th Aug 2019 11:37

Hi Ray,

I keep coming back to this in my mind. Not that I care to make comparisons against "the boys", but there are times when I can think of no better place to escape than a workshop full of tools and "projects" in various stages of completion about. In moments, when I allow myself to dream, I have such a place. Sometimes, the combination of noise with the process of creation is a form of solace for a restless mind.

..well into a great lazy Sunday, here--guess I'll have to settle for my book and a long walk later in the afternoon to keep me distracted )


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Fri 2nd Aug 2019 20:57

Hi Brian. I'm louder than Keith in case of doubt. We all know one don't we? thanks!

Thanks for that Fish, I don't know why it won't work, I did what you suggested but it bombed when the poem came up on the site. I'll try again, might be a fluke.

Don, You might hear this guy in Oz from here. Yes the rhyme is integral to the humour. Cheers.

Thanks Trevor. My supposition is God had his day off so that power tools could be invented. !

Thanks Binte and Branwell for liking.


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trevor homer

Thu 1st Aug 2019 22:33

I couldn't hear myself think by the end - a real buzz, Ray. cheers T.

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Don Matthews

Thu 1st Aug 2019 00:39

I must congratulate you Ray in your use of rhyme here .(serious comment)

A chainsaw on max next to the mic will do the trick ?

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Wed 31st Jul 2019 22:05

Ray if the clip is an mp3 file you should be able to just drag and drop it into audio upload slot ><>

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Brian Maryon

Wed 31st Jul 2019 20:32

This sounds like Keith from up the're not really him are you Ray?

Great stuff BTW.

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Wed 31st Jul 2019 20:08

I tried to upload an audio clip with this to no avail. Any ideas please?

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