I wish to have peace of mind..

My only wish is to have peace of mind

Which is very difficult to find

Because of a demon in my life

He is the one who never wanted to see me happy

His only intention is to make me trapped

Under his evil influence that has been spread


I wish to have peace of mind

The only wish, I wished since my birth

Throughout my life, I was being judged

No demands, no desires from this materialistic world

Something was eating me from inside out

Nothing brought me happiness, no doubt


The demons of my life always chased me with big jaws

Till my today’s life, which is full of chaos

Its very difficult for me to define

Some demons didn’t have any physical shape

Some were banging continuosly my head

Ultimately I failed to attain peace of mind

As it is something that is not destined


Lavish Life, expensive gifts never fascinated me

Branded dresses, expensive hand bags, beautiful glasses

I never got attracted by these materialistic things throughout my lifetime

I am thankful to God for this, my divine

To become rich by attaining umpteen number of treasury

It was never my wish, to live a life full of luxury

I just wish that the demons in my life keeps a distance from me

Otherwise it would be difficult to attain the Real motive which is peace in “me”

◄ Judgmental People!

Storm of Hatredness! ►


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