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Love it or Leave it

Ready or not?

Seems like a luxury none of us got

As they let us down to rot

That abominable thought

Hate crimes, social justice,

We all can’t seem to get enough of it

Spreading lies in the media

Manufacturing hysteria

Can you see yourself watching

The news on channel four

While SWAT and ICE

And other innocuous words

Knock down your immigrant neighbor’s door

And where are women in this country

Besides at a man’s side blindly?

I thought we made some progress

I thought we addressed

A few of the issues like poverty

That affect everywhere the eye can feasibly see

And if you’re asking me

I’d say it’s pretty clear

We’re absolutely doing wrong here

And if it’s not part of your fears

Then what are you even doing?

Fighting against the hand saving you from drowning



Good goddamn America the brave

Kinda likes it a little much to hate

The people we helped to create

Give me your tired sick and lonely

As long as they don’t wanna benefit off’a MY country

Can I get a “Go back to your own place!”

As if these people came cuz they don’t like the state

Of economics in their hometowns

It’s not like we have to bow down

And be some kind of decent

“Where were they when I needed help?”

And if we’re being so well-intentioned

Why do children always get a mention

As they are thrown into government cages

Awaiting the day they’ll once again see their mothers’ faces


America; Like It or Leave It

Are you serious friend?

Is this really the end

Of all the forward movement we’ve made,

Coming back from those “Good ol’” terrible horrible days

When people were nothing more than literal slaves

Because of a pigment their body made.

How about instead of focusing on the past

We try on a new future?

We need to do it fast

Man, this world isn’t going to last

Much more time

If all of our hearts don’t start to rhyme

With the same resonating noise,

The sound of many a voice

Coming together as one

To demand

You take your head

Out of the sand.

The Future Has Been Cancelled ►


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