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Finding place and purpose in life

through love is always a contrast

between good and bad the 

beautiful and ugly so when I

met you for the first time I didn't

see any difference from what had 

gone before why would I why would 

anyone see that you were unique 


a room without you in it is empty

just getting on a bus with you

is beautiful or jumping in a taxi

or sinking in a submarine is all

so worthwhile with you

talking bullshit

talking about anything just makes

perfect sense 


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Thu 1st Aug 2019 13:47

Thanks John Yea it's a load of crap really and not a good poem at all but I have very little ego with regards to my stuff so I stuck it on anyway .. Wrote it a couple of years ago in about 30 seconds... It's my work so here it is

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Thu 1st Aug 2019 13:01

Hi Richard
I enjoyed this....a slight change in style for you but still bearing the hallmarks of your original way of approaching and expressing yourself.
Nice one mate.

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