¡No Pasarán!


"If liberty  means anything at all, it means the right to tell people what they don't want to hear." George Orwell


Morning and the thought of a woman

Born in 1931, facing the future

With all the quiet bravery and self-respect

She was born to

Enlivens me

Shakes me awake

To think of the common decency

Of those who once brought hope

Through the dignity of labour


Now, over the mountain, the clouds scud away,

Blood's on the floor, blood's soaked in the soil

Blood's in the soul:

All these fucking refugees

Waiting for your house, for your house in particular,

For your savings, for your money, for your hope

For sanctuary

But no sanctuary is offered

Christendom has fallen

It's dead in our hearts


Torn apart

Rotted from within

Deep, deep, fixed in the mire of sin.

He tries to speak

But can’t begin to say.


All you do

By protecting your wealth, and occasional ease,

Is lose your self-respect

Build up hatred, envy

Lose whatever comes next

Trapped in your gated communities

Looking in the mirror.

Houses burning down

In 2022

In the UK, USA

Children dripping blood

No crystal ball required

Just look around and see.


We can pray,

I guess, 

With ash in our mouths

And iron in the soul

for redemption. 




◄ A vague trembling of stars



Devon Brock

Fri 5th Jul 2019 23:22

Absolutely YEESSSSS! John.


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