I wish I was more than this
The nothingness that never leavesĀ 
The background noise that no one listens to
The one that never fit in the friend group
The one that will never be the first choice
The miserable bastard that's all I am
The truth is I wish I was dead

Everyone I've ever cared for is in a better place now
Slowly forgetting about me
I don't blame them on that alarm that doesn't go off
This life is a cycle I don't fit well in
Feel like I had a place once but it wandered off
So I live in this Lighthouse lonely
With a head full of regret

These thoughts sting like bullets
For those who sleep through their alarms are all but dead
For their minds are corroded into believing that they are worthless

◄ Firefly. 11:11

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Cynthia Buell Thomas

Mon 8th Jul 2019 11:25

Well, I don't 'like' it, because it is so good! And its message cuts like a sword right through the gut. Well put.

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