Murmur Love

Don’t be scared to put it out there
Don’t be scared to speak
sometimes what you choose to make
is pure gold

Don’t be afraid to paint what you love
Don’t be afraid to create
some things are bigger than you ever knew
eternal beyond our lives

I say go
and keep going
go and keep going
murmur love, if that’s all you’ve got

I love the way you carve it
I love the way you write
I love the way you’ve made something
birthed yourself with such perfect phrasing

I say go
and keep going
go and keep going
murmur love, if that’s all you’ve got

And while you do
I’ll sing my praise
for you...

(June 2019)


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Sun 28th Jul 2019 19:30

Thanks all for the comments. I really appreciate it. I was trying to encourage a new/shy artist in sharing their work and spurring them on to keep creating even if they don't yet fully appreciate the beauty of their gift.

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Lisa C Bassignani

Thu 25th Jul 2019 21:10

Don't be scared. Shout it out loud!

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Adam Rabinowitz

Thu 25th Jul 2019 16:45

I like the line
murmur love, ....
then I will sing...

Shows real support.

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keith jeffries

Thu 25th Jul 2019 15:38


"Don´t be scared and keep going" are the words which stand out from this poem. Boldness, courage and persevereance as little is lost or of no value. There is a powerful message here.

Well crafted with a very appropriate vocabulary.
Thank you for this

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