Big C in the test

I have a lump in my breast.

They want to give it a test.

I hope it fails.

It mustn’t revise,

Must stay unwise.

It really needs to fail.


It’s small like a pea.

Hard as a nail.

Attached to my flesh.

Buried inside.

Jelly bean hiding,

terror cells collide.


Hand pressing down,

Massaging my breast

It hides for a moment

Just feel my chest.

Then it is there,

Close to my heart.


I imagine the danger

The loss of my hair.

The touch of a stranger,

The cut of a knife.

It stops me from living,

Fear bedding down.


I have seen a doctor

They booked the test.

Try not to worry.

It’s nothing as yet.

The letter says it’s cancer

Suspected the worse.


I feel invaded.

Impure and unkempt.

My body rejected,

Rotting flesh on my bones.

Impurity radiates

From my own cells.


I see looks of pity.

All eyes on my chest.

Sit down my lovely

Take time to rest.

I can’t have cancer,

I have no time to spare.


I need this removed

Cut it away.

I don’t want this alien

Inside me today.

Get it out doctor,

Take it away.


The tests are conclusive.

It passed with high marks.

No need for resits

It’s top of the class.

It graduated college

It’s earned its degree.


It’s inside my body

It’s part of me.

I don’t want to face it. 

I just want to hide.

I don’t want this cancer

Growing inside. 



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M.C. Newberry

Wed 10th Jul 2019 12:38

These lines will certainly resonate with all who have faced this
situation and those who fear its likelihood for whatever reason.
Take comfort in the fact that the body is always marshalling its considerable forces towards fighting off the invaders that beset it in
this life. Helping it with use of sound advice, sound diet and positive
thinking will contribute to your mental strength as it adjusts to cope.
Onwards and upwards!.

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Don Matthews

Wed 10th Jul 2019 09:27

Laura's idea has merit Louise. Dissociate yourself from it. Then tell it what to do......

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Laura Taylor

Wed 10th Jul 2019 09:21

A spot-on summing up of how it feels. I hope writing this made you feel a little bit better anyway. I know how all-consuming it can be.

You could maybe write more - write TO it, as an entity. Tell it what to do.

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Lisa C Bassignani

Wed 10th Jul 2019 02:02

It is a passing grade!
My best.

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Don Matthews

Wed 10th Jul 2019 00:16

That is good Louise. The poem......

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