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who could resist what Susan had to offer?
even though she was peculiarly odd
but what other girl from Marsh Green 
would dig your garden over for ten bob?

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Mesnes Park; Wigan’s Jewel in the Crown

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the celebrated Mesnes Park 
has deservedly enjoyed much fame
and the green-less vainglorious 
out of the woodwork came
to assume key roles in this popular green game

the gardeners however
haven’t enjoyed much of the acclaim 
they are merely pawns in the game
but will always be given prominence 
(when things go wrong)
as scapegoats to take the blame

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Dust: an observation

never smells sweeter
than when
heavy raindrops
hit parched concrete

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Haigh Plantations: 1860 to 2017; games, nature and Phytophthora ramorum

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beneath a rich lofty canopy
lurked a sinister understory 
the wolf in sheep’s clothing
the unbecoming Rhododendron
that spiteful dominatrix 
in her leathery verdure
the one who abhors sweet lime
but delights in sour acidity 
the one who cajoles the beholder
while her acid tongue 
simultaneously poisons mother earth
her gaudy seductive blooms 
disguise her treachery
and once smelled of...

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The Westwood Cooling Towers – Execution Day

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that flawless diptych of minimalism
simplistic architectural precision
a colossal condiment set
an arresting landmark
once commanding respect
the sentry gateway 
guarding the trodden ceremonial
pulverised-fuel-ashed path
to Westwood’s curious
and unnatural landscape

those impeccable twins who were
Wigan’s Colossi of Memnon
were sadly and rarely respected
seldom treasured
their util...

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