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John Gilbert Ellis

Updated: Fri, 19 May 2023 11:15 am

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Born in Bristol, living in West London. Seized by the need to write, be it songs or poems. Not giving up anythime soon.

Samples (Last Orders & No More Recommendations)

Last Orders Rain is falling over all the closed pubs of the city. Some to never reopen, many ready for a final farewell. Windows and doors left to grow opaque with self-pity, undernourished, waiting for ‘time please’ and the final bell.   Always the place to go and the place to be seen, but really, away from this pub how did anyone survive? Noise, laughs, sports all blasting out from my big screens, outside of this pub there can’t have been anyone else staying alive.   His clothes once stylish reek of many long-forgotten pubs, and the mountain of priceless years he’s chewed up. A beat-up husk of a once fine human building, in danger of imminent collapse to complete his final ruin. It’s no surprise shambling old pubs remain close to his heart; he sees his days in similar recession and in need of support.   Settled monuments to one another and the receding age. Holding out. Holding on. Till infinite sleep takes both to a quietus place. My Ever Growing Content Mountain No more recommendations for my spreadsheets are out of control and your well-meaning notes and my hopeless reminders are in complete overflow. No more recommendations for my window is now closed to the lowdown on YouTube videos and Hollywood films or any new televisual shows. No more recommendations and thank you for your incessant inputs all of which I will respectfully leave and painfully but officially overlook. No more recommendations will be considered for any shows no matter how critically crowned or if the programme is about to be let go. No more recommendations until I once again seek your learned counsel regarding content I must scrutinise to make my life seem so much more substantial. No more recommendations until I’ve asked you all to resubmit those overlong box sets or off-kilter comedies or Scandi dramas you think I shouldn’t miss. No more recommendations and please don’t ever mention royal reconstructions or Richard Curtis flicks which you’re convinced are in need of my attention. No more recommendations and please note until that time comes around I will be unable to process any further consumption proposals until I’ve put my missive round. No more recommendations and I thank you for your understanding in this most pressing of cultural matters as I deal with my ever-growing content mountain.

All poems are copyright of the originating author. Permission must be obtained before using or performing others' poems.

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