Shit! WOL's Raining Rhymers

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Shit! WOL's Raining Rhymers


Shit! WOL's raining rhymers

Soaking all our screens

Suddenly from out the sky

Emerged from sight unseen


They're not all comic silly-like

Nor into doom and gloom

They're multiskilled in all genres

For which WOL makes much room


When as newbie rhymer

I first did enter WOL

An old hand welcomed me and said

“We need new blood. We're old”


I always have remembered this

And likewise I will say

Welcome you new rhymers

(We need new blood. Still old...)


I must however warn you lot

About WOL's Thought Police

They spider round, well out of sight

Ensuring we stay nice


OK you'll get away with 'shit'

But on the edge with 'fuck'

But don't go tempting fate with c____

You could just come unstuck


The other day I got a shock

A usual prosing writer

Suddenly broke out in rhyme

With lines of 'fuck' (nail-biter)


So newbies listen up, you can

Use shit and fuck, feel free

But treading coals with c____ word?

Use 'can't' so carefully


(Don't listen to him. He's just a stirrer.....)


A newbie has already

Tainted me, has she

Expletives in her poem put

She's now encouraged me




Don Matthews July 2019

◄ Mary Had Wristwatch (anyway, who started this nursery rhyme caper?)

Catering for Phone Addicts. Stupid ►


<Deleted User> (22247)

Sun 7th Jul 2019 12:53

The question now is who will get,
The cherished last word, glory-lit?
Who will it be who takes the reins?
Who reigns the raindrops' rhymed refrains?

There's no-one who can lose this match,
Nor will there be a winner,
For as the lines keep piling up,
Their meaning's getting thinner!

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Don Matthews

Sun 7th Jul 2019 10:23

Two rhymers meet
Upon the screen
Challenge wit
Both sharp and keen....

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Don Matthews

Sun 7th Jul 2019 10:16

Min I need to set you straight
WOL's Thought Police you see
Are tall and proud keep ship in shape
They like caps T and P

But Min you are forgiven
As newbies do not know
Our Thought Police are hallowed ones
As round the site they flow......?

<Deleted User> (22247)

Sun 7th Jul 2019 09:40

The reigning rhymer has his say,
They'll be serious, we will play,
But there's a missing wristwatch here,
Which no-one will retrieve for fear...

What thought police are on the ground,
Such as he is will get around,
Whenever he decides to punt,
He'll find a way to not say, shunt.

Deflect attention if you must,
(Their IQs you would not trust,)
Autobots will autoplay,
Autoerotica all day.

Don, darling, we have to quit meeting like this!

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