I could say nothing

and still the thoughts would come,

some questioning in disbelief

like marauding cats, persistent

upon the hauntings of old bones and scraps,

some creative, toying with mayhem

of my own making, and for what?


Still the pictures would come

from the other side of older deaths

that stick to walls

held by winds that blow

from God knows where -


livid scars that shout for attention.


I could say nothing

but am afraid to go unheard, unheeded


into an obscure present

that can live with my ghost


as it chooses its own channels

to tune out on what I crave.







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Tue 16th Jul 2019 21:52

Graham, Jon, Lisa, Devon and Rebecca many thanks indeed for
reading and liking .

To be honest David, I didn't have a specific thought here but there was a sort of reaching out to try and clarify why we need to express ourselves to echoes of the past haunting us, an uncontrollable facet of life, and how when faced with the present we might feel inadequate in simply adapting to its demands to a non caring world.
Your points are entirely sensible of course, on the other hand if nobody is really listening what then? Perhaps the madness you mention is the real motivation of what creates mayhem , therefore it might be inherent in the human condition. I like your final point of persuasion, my own view!.

Thanks Rachel, I seem to sway between ideas of what might be greater than the sum of our parts in a spiritual way and the challenges of the humdrum life we sometimes live. There is a refuge in expression . I certainly think silence is essential to recharge ourselves, a rare thing now as nature is often overrun by people making lots of noise. When I used the word ghost It was a metaphor for the invisible (to others) and not being heard or accepted I suppose.



Tue 16th Jul 2019 07:54

I could take off on a few of the ideas I see here, especially the juxtaposition of the living with the dead in

a "..present

that can live with my ghost"

..there must be more to that old idea that says "I would be better off dead" than is readily apparent. I mean, backlash is a real thing.

At the risk of losing the thread of my original thought and drifting off on my own, I'll say that silence suits some better than others. And, it might also be true that expression--in some form or another--of the creative voice is vital to life itself.

..quite a bit to get lost in here, Ray )


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