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My favourite things: one more time with real emotion

Caring crusaders and daring debaters

Emmeline, Greta, Ruth

Your voices sound loud with the bold toll of truth.

Uncowed and defiant. You refused to give in.

Life-changing campaigning is a wonderful thing.


Marathon runners: hard-trained and focused 

With miles in your strides

And pain hardly noticed.

Everyday heroes with strength in your limbs

Your drive and passion a...

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For the love of language

English is a rebellious tongue

defiant and disobedient.

Like a passionate protestor

it rails against rigid rules

and dodges

pattern and conformity.

And lucky is the linguist

who joins its

joyful dance.


Where males may sail

with crews who cruise

past whales in Wales

and foul sea fowl.

And soles are soiled

down lanes well lain

and herds are heard


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Office Politics

The corporate king -                    

Salacious surveyor -                                       

Mild-mannered Majesty              

With a wandering eye;                         

A habitual connoisseur               

Of the supple and softly curved.                            




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Anniversary diamante


Love-bruised romantic

Cautious, hopeful, daring

Suggested a date. Miraculously, quickly accepted,

Blue-eyed, heart-warming,smiling

Golden-haired soul-mate




Recklessly love-drunk, 

Deliciously, passionately, yearning

Precariously fell pregnant. Secretly scared yet steadfast

Protective, supporting, accepting

My passion’s pleasure





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I want to be a writer

I want my words to have worth like William.

With magical adjectives that travel through time 

To conjure a landscape 

And portray a peace

So perfectly 

They reach across centuries.


I want my words to empower like Maya.

With certainty and strength to inflate the hearts

And sway the hips of a million women.

I want to reach her passion, wear her confidence, 



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