"There is no sin except stupidity." Oscar Wilde -The Critic as Artist.


Mea culpa! Mea culpa!

Nostra maxima culpa!

Thus should we weep, we cry

As it all ends with a whimper, a sigh

It is the people's will, they say

Proroguing to get their glory day

Your vote was for an ideal state

For nation, borders, Keep Britain Great

Now, your vote means a total schism

As we see no agreement mechanism

Six hundred pages that define

The ways our nation will decline

No trade agreements with the old Market

A dearth of imports - how will we mark it?

No doctors, no drugs, a future stark

As borders become one huge lorry park

Will industry decline without its freight?

Manufacture with no markets just abate?

We can only say we voted thus

Seeing promises writ large on a campaign bus

A lame excuse - did we not think for ourselves at all -

Remember the United States of Europe and OUR call

To make a family based on freedom and on peace:

Those great ideals that we shall just let cease

What have we done? What is our fate -

Begging outside the Union's gate?

Of course we won't - we will stand tall

As all men do before their fall

But after, as in poverty and in debts

We struggle with huge national threats

Will we cry, This was not what we thought?

Let us back in! Without you we are nought!

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Brian Maryon

Fri 19th Jul 2019 11:37

Private Fraser could only ever see the black side of everything but he was often proved wrong. Mainwaring on the other hand, a true optimist, quite often got things wrong but somehow managed to muddle through. But the one who really epitomises the British character is Lance Corporal Jones...always willing to have a go to make things work, and if all else fails show 'em the cold steel. Ultimately I'm sure the Brussels bureaucrats will not like it up 'em!

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