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Siphon not Syphon

entry picture

I want to throw up days

will life over and end

push every moment 

siphon sunlight through a sieve

make secounds twitch 

sitting where I always sit

Why cant I fasten my life to him

spill over his edge

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entry picture

Finding place and purpose in life

through love is always a contrast

between good and bad the 

beautiful and ugly so when I

met you for the first time I didn't

see any difference from what had 

gone before why would I why would 

anyone see that you were unique 


a room without you in it is empty

just getting on a bus with you

is beautiful or jumping in a taxi


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entry picture

Dashed through fields

of grass and broken brick

this towpath now mostly

removed from sight where an

Old cargo crane chained to the

past sits motionless and rusting

and rare Red Dragons reign

low over clay hue shallow

waters, and in reeds lays kingdom

to towers of browning yellow and green

Broken planks gather to bury

a rusting gate, derelict a reminder of


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entry picture

Wind and rain from summer days

Inform to cast certain rainbows

Which impart with tower and

illuminate my soul to sea

Handle set to full driver

View through windows

Rain as tears of laughter

Wiped left to right left to right 

left to right 


Sweet smell from pink hair to eat

Clowns of glass elephants and rock

Signs of blue green and yellow

Golden mile a ride ...

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entry picture


You cant imagine my life now

you have no comprehension 

understanding compassion 

empathy love

Its easy for you

your life continues to move

mine is hollow 

all that fills my soul is sadness

tempered by bitter hate 

resentment disbelief hurt loss


How is your view

does it pervade 

hedged in shadow

is it wall-less and free

free of me 

are you hap...

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Magical Boy

entry picture

fingers still wave

through little panes of

Glass just for me

I can see you No ghost

you cast yourself forever

trapped in my soul


Beautiful Wonderful

My magical boy


Silent to others now

little record player

Your love revolves in me

I will always play for you

Records so loved and

Little piano lost to time


Beautiful Wonderful

My magical boy


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Beyond an end

entry picture

We are all attached to what was once

No matter how old however stretched

Elasticity cannot deny youth as

Long as something of sincerity

Within remains, no matter the other

Now simply can’t exist beyond the

Here and the now without the past

Future serves no purpose beyond an end


Life a turtle with a diamond shell

Aged replete with the Forgotten

Book like ever page...

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Hard Of Hearing

entry picture

I need glasses now

and it’s weird

since I find that life is still blurred

even behind bits of glass

Age didn’t just seep  

it dug under My mind

and took much delight

In my loss of sight

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Listless 2

entry picture

When blue no longer
feels so blue when
time no longer stretches
but refuses to pass at pace
moments are never fleeting

Walking and searching for
windy days eyes aching with fear
like the secound hand on
a watch or a silver tankard once
so often sipped or glugged now dry stopped

Life feels adjacent foreign
and lost consumed ambiguous
absent at best motionless yet
moving isolated cr...

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entry picture

As if on water life leaves its wake

Too much ebb too much flow

Shaken brow beaten refusing restless

Maybe too much of being forced to swallow

Taken down places we wish not to go

A mind confused unloved abject no place of sanctuary

Actuality bombs only terror gilded by stress


Taciturn an accusation of dumbstruck

Looking beyond a figure still standing

Metal Cast or hu...

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Wind and Tide

entry picture

Wind silk like knitting

Air to stitch the tide

Weave power with blades

You split the skies and opinions

Cries of derision wind and tide

Hatred the farm but pure in form

Just a matter of perspective a

Simple mind shift essence of love not rape


Ancient like rhythms past and future

White colossus a hum your whisper

A sentinel one legged supplanted

By ocean a legi...

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entry picture

Encased in steal black cats flee the rain

Before my eyes so drench the streets

And give black Bins to colour usual

Cigarette ash hue of perfume piss and

Excrement a new unholy beginning

Bitter its end only clear skies away

Till once again its inanimate fuckin

Ugly life is once again exposed

A syphilitic old man’s cock for beauty


But still it pours and pours and pour...

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Skull Bone Ring

entry picture

Rooted in shadow all that seems
forgotten a forrest.
Oxygen the light to blister skin
and leaf that pray before the rot.

Blighted my reflection now a name
that haunts the ghost to ridicule
perception, give credence to hollow
earth and burn buried beauty

Starved of light a lantern hidden
lost by mist to jewel an empty socketed
skull bone ring that pulls upon a finger
to twist and thr...

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entry picture

I touch the word to see the eye within
a flame that once was held for me.
For fear of loss admit betrayal to seek
the truth that holds no peace
Belief belies a mind beyond so speak
a place the name the knife and chime.
Time whips red and deep to barb the heal
Nail in words to rip a palm a crest of wanted
tears and lace to salt the broken bonded flesh.
Twist the child to ring the man and g...

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95% Sure Perhaps

entry picture

Adrift by a city bathed in tin can light

Another e-cigarette tossed to make us feel right

Upon the ice of cold hard facts and melting

Caps, we now decide to ponder a future

Where perhaps in arrogance man and women

Can finely maybe take the rap




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entry picture

Lost in all that I do

alone even with 2

you tell me, it’s all just a question of rhyme .

So how come I never feel fine

always late no matter the time

fucked whatever the crime

So to sugar what little remains I

will gather my moods for a change

then prying the fall from a dream

to mute by way of a scream ask myself

why don’t I slip when it slides


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entry picture

How often in my life have I said


Take care


Stay in touch, though I know I never will

In the moment thinking, fuck it time will show

That Friends are just like falling leaves with a

Gust they come they blow 

That others will turn up to replace the ones let go


So why now am I feeling why now do I find

My mind keeps turning to those I ...

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Where is he going

entry picture

Where is he going?

I see him sitting where he always sits

Sun rays blinking over both of us

we shake with the rumble

of our own lives, hands rest on knees

and nothing really changes.

Where is he going, I want to ask him

who is he running from?

And outside life fly’s by and nothing

really changes, hands rest on knees

and never ever wave for fear of change


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Spirit of the air

entry picture

Are you talking to me?
are you singing? I hear you.
One string strung,
whale-like we resonate
wind struck a single lasting chord
You pull me tug at all that I am
I stare back at you...    


as if trying to escape you could
exist without my tether
we struggle together one
I won’t l...

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Empty deckchairs

entry picture

Standing back and staring   

at empty deckchairs furled,

ribbon-like and people-less

the thought occurred,

that happiness might

come in gusts blowing like the wind

and bad moods could be thunder storms

cloud heavy with sadness,

with rain that falls like tears

till you the sun above

arch-astride a rainbow across

my sea of Love.

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entry picture

Please don’t film me I don’t wish to be

Connected infected much rather rejected

than play any part in your puerile

so called immediacy or Art.

YouTube generation, god give them detention

for anything goes from delivering weak prose

to dispatching old souls


Taboo we may as well strip and replace it with sick

that’s what they say the youth of today

when d...

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Never For Ever

entry picture

"Not sure if this is a poem or not, its just a completely honest memory of mine, written as a stream of consciousness I have not worked it like a poem I just tried to write it in one go, it means something to me so I thought I would share it on here"




Once I fell in love at first sight

It’s truly the only time it ever

Truly truly happened in my life

I didn’t get...

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entry picture

Hold on, to what

this moment that thought

“You make me sick”

Because I spun you upside down

or because of the opinions I held?

Why do you feel anything

put weight to what I say

give credence that I am

Detached Removed Remote.

Remote? Remote control?

Removed Detached

like a house?

My state how I am,

Perceived, accepted to be,

Absent somehow


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Written in Stone

entry picture

When I was young I wanted to be a firefighter
but when I grew up I only became an arsonist
I wanted to sail but instead I sank
needed love not rape, 
to whisper in deaf ears not shout.
What’s my point?

The point as I see it is this..
Control over whom or what we become
how we turn out the decisions we make
right or wrong left or right people we love or hate
well it’s all j...

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Mother's Autumn

entry picture

Finality of youth

in Autumn struggles

as brawling leaves

brown to fall

certain of seasons end.

Universe loop indivisible

surety in fate all things.


Of brevity, in reflection

no shortcuts would we take,

changes make, save the

lengthening of years,

days longer make.

Sweet my child

soon to pass.

Bond unbroken, yet change,

a sense, t...

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Cruel Impossible Love

entry picture



Wonder in youth
now old in regret
decide. I will never
find my perfect other.
Thinking herself happy 
or sad, still lost
never able to find me
nor me her.

Wife, a mother alone
maybe,  given up long
ago the hopeless search
for her perfect other me.
Did she find solace in
just making do?
Forging contentment
as so many before.

Wild flowers countless

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entry picture


By morning mist waken

At sunrise I am shaken

In day now to swim


These days run sieve-like through fingers

Just as nights bleeding truth covers what little remains

By the hand of my past I am drowning

The more I explain the less you understand

I am a seahorse unique and alone in birth

Originality confounded

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entry picture

Not taught anymore

I am relaxed emotion gone

clear in mind of what is needed

lost for words when I thought the time

to spew hate would finely arrive and time freezes

for me it’s 5am now always


My future is moving to shadow

days no longer have length

This Water depthless would show

were I to crimson turn it

little or nothing of the man

A soulless...

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entry picture




I stand before this mirror

Looking not at but through

My eyes push to recognise

Focus on a version of self

that at least holds some semblance

Or truth, I wait………..


Then ringing it comes!

And certain feelings

Lost like so many old keys turn up

And in this I re-gather

Windows open and I feel the rush

Of my own youth



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Elephants on the Beach

entry picture






As a child I once saw Elephants on Blackpool beach.

They lived under the tower, outside rarely seen,

But each morning I believe just as day fully took night

Elephants could be seen.

Like beautiful children holding tails they crossed

That famous promenade, and in my mind camera

Etched forever they will alwa...

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entry picture

I dont see the world
In a usual way,
glass walls keep reality at bay.
No rope can tether me,
friendships lost road
now distant memory. Not known
in present, nameless in past.
Who am I?

In a box that wont open
I exist, lid slammed
shut by Invisible fists.
In realisation my confusion
reigns. Liquid years I
hammer like nails,
In a House half built,
that can't be en...

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entry picture

How did i ever arrive,

this place this age?

I was never meant to be

here alone.

Memories too beautiful

to now make so sad.

Remember the kite,

but the colour is gone.

How I wish I could summon

the wind from that day to

Blow these feelings away

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