the passing of a king


it is a drear evening

a barren table

would-be sculpting in the varnish

drifting lights

sinking through an open window


my son is leaving


i sit and watch the fire

as embers

turn to ash

are seen no more


soon we’ll say farewell


i remember how when young

he’d run and jump on me

i’d hug him

kiss him

treat him like a king

as any loving father would his son


but times

as kings

are passing

these alone i saw


i know i’ll miss him


from the dying fire

my weary eyes

wander to the window



i see an old man

walking through the park


he walks in silence

and alone


slightly hunched


though i know not

who he is

i feel i should


i stare

for quite some time

at his familiar gait


and wonder

who would walk

so slowly

and alone


and then

as he comes near

i see his face


my own



Charles Schlee, You Come Too.  © 2007, 2019. 


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Martin Elder

Fri 12th Jul 2019 09:36

A fabulous heartfelt poem which certainly draws the reader in in a very real way. It is hard at times to let them go to move on in the world.
Nice one

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Wolfgar Miere

Thu 11th Jul 2019 14:28

Hello Charles,

I very much like the title of this, I like that the poem has me questioning which of the three characters is the King...or if they all could or might be. It's refreshing when a writer gives the reader opportunity to decide. Personally I believe they are all the King even if not a literal one.

The atmosphere created is almost Dickensian, the style however is your own.

One could draw influences from biblical sources such as "The Prodigal Son" although that is the story of a return the mysterious shadow staring you in the face is a return of sorts, even if it is your future self.

Maybe it is simply a vision of ones mortality or future loneliness, whatever it is I appreciate it.


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Mae Foreman

Wed 10th Jul 2019 21:05

Stole my heart and then broke it🎈Beautiful and painful.
Thank you 🎈

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