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Under glass

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Heartfelt apologies

makeup new analogies to describe feelings, sentiments, arguments ...

you wish didn't happen


 .. but they did .

so I walked away down trails in between trees and bushes ,  plant some wisdom

count the blessings in your backyard ..


Dream under the stars


And know..     that you were loved. 


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Tropical storm

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Reciprocity bitter like your morning coffee

I'm flowing I'm flowing can't stop me .......

Coordinating planes of the universe special arrangement special alignment new assignment tap into the Otherworld connection

ghost -- in Supernatural form long lost and forgotten.. they're here to guide you 

Fanciful delightful Dreadful and frightful manifestations illuminations

Destiny foretold...

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Velvet shoes

Get mystic--
Legalistic fairy tales...

Off the rails.
Can't count past ten

Reverse energy
Contemplate radio waves..

Syncronized swimming and decadence

Bestowed crowns with jewels 
and emeralds..

Love is a distant memory 

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Time and Place

entry picture

You Are the company you keep.

 I don't believe in color ..I believe in culture.

 Surround yourself with what is reflected 

magnet to light and love

alternate dimensions..

take pride in appearances, skin tones and lyrics-

mental illness, mental wellness, states of delirium, quantum physics..

--just a list of things I don't understand.

heart of hearts

torn apart

sewn ba...

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Clarity of thoughts, actions, purpose, vitality, neutrality
Liquid, solid, and gas
States of matter
States of confusion
States of illusion
Heart has some dents
Scratches too
But it'll be brand new
Next level -


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Painted window frames

Hiding the scars from plain site

It's not a memory-

But a story you tell...

Walls build mansions

with concrete and mortar

Glued together thoughts 



Melted with gold

Stirred in a pot

Over flames

Eyes rolled backwards

Cat walks down the street

Straight lines

Curved answers

Draw pictures on the glass

shattered from pressure


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Rivers and channels

entry picture

Inner space dimension, 
did i mention  


Cross streams

weave dreams

Make schemes..  

Conflictions and contradictions

convictions and prescriptions


Lay it all out on the table

Cut it with a knife

think twice


about your actions



How would you live if no one was watching? 


A vacation without pictures.

Read the scriptures


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entry picture


Come undone.

Off the hinges

Flame singes 

your hair..

 Makes you aware
 how close you are

You can taste it
  Waste it.. 

Or use the energy



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Love story

entry picture

I'm in love with rainy nights

.. Street lights...   

Cat bites..  My hand.   

I don't mind..

I loved you more..

Just never said anything before. 

But its true... 

There is warmth and kindness and empathy

and depth -- all the above when I think of you..

  On a multitude of levels..

But i don't know what i can part with

 in this life..

How selfish i am..

Self a...

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Prayers in waves and circuitry

entry picture

Shifting plates ..


Storylines, Guidelines..

For your life to work.

Gears shifting         Oil n' grease   


In charge of my destination

With resonating sound..


Driving through tunnels..

Lives flashing between networks , channels,  gravestones..   


Allegations, temptations, translations..   

It wasn't just a story..


But an allegory fo...

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Memories and stardust

entry picture

Skeletons in the closet..

Doors become windows

Flesh and bone.. Rock and stone..


Breaking glass on abandoned buildings  

Channeled my feelings 

Into a different current of energy

Limitless, weightless, timeless 


Rewind the tape.. Erase the message, press record, delete, fast forward. 

Through time. With your mind.. 

I ain't playin' 

say my name and -- pa...

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Trilogy --- (hybrid)

Conquer your fears faster

by changing the way you


Need to hypnotize yourself..


Let the universe control the strings.

Move things - in your brain

You're not the same.


Transgressions, confessions.



Temporary assignment, realignment with the truth

Compusure.  no time to drink, 

Pour your life down the sink

Worked so hard, to work ...

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The code is in the message  -- the message is in the code

it's a riddle,

but you live it everyday trying to figure something out

every day you're trying to open up an envelope

every day you're trying to scratch off a secret

There's going to be some pay back,

there's going to be some take off point

...and everyday your wondering when it's really going to hit the fan


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Railroad Crossing

Be still

Be tranquil

Icicles hanging from the ceiling

Wondering what you're thinking, what you're feeling

      right now


Taps on the wall

sharp noises --- people are listening


...   but I can't remember where I left off

Backup  -- move straight

literal meaning, hesitate


change your Tone

change your life

change your clothes

change your m...

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Seven Senses

Go with it.  Trust it.

Let yourself

Fade Out

...without a doubt


something whispers in your ear

what do you hear?

silence is Golden

Pick up the phone  and 

dial the right number


-your pain, 

my pleasure..


I'm really not joking -

my life is wide open

new possibilities

letting go 

-- over the meadow

and through the woods


to that p...

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Time loop

entry picture


Smoke in my eyes.... watch me think deeper

... for the love of God


Book it home

one more time, watch me roam

all over the universe.

rehearse new lines takes time. 

Past tense sequence

Made-up nonsense

moving fast like a train rolling off the tracks

Can't believe I did it.

Never thought I'd backtrack

move around different states...

Down the road,...

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Motion detectors

Its not enough to say "I love you"

Words carry invisible weights

Gravity in layers, in particles, in observations, facial expressions, 


I'm serious


Give more thought to how words are expressed

Vs, manipulative phrases and eye rolls


Cross bridges,

burn books of controversy.




just adds more dirt under my nails

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Doors and windows

entry picture

Painted faces

Time erases

..... memories


Easier said than done 

Life flows in   


Catch the patterns

Watch the curtains

I'm certain,..

there's something to it


Watch for signals, lights, bumps in the night.. 

Pick up on someone's blinking eyes

They don't know what you're thinking

Or do they?


Soundwaves, brainwaves, light rays


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Sharpening Knives


Surprised by timing 

Streamers on the handle bars


Turn the corner in motivation

Leave glitter in your tracks


What is worth sacrificing??

Your time or your mind?


Shifting thoughts is like doing laundry

Separating the wash

Compartmentalized my hopes and dreams

in an envelope with a paperclip


Completely unintential

But procrastination is an av...

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And that's how we see the light of the stars

that shine in the night

so cold and dark

feeling life splitting apart-


What comes next will shake you to the core

Open the door and what do you see?

War and Peace.


Ride the wave of human emotion

Paths broken, life changes interest

Common place


All different colors of the rainbow

Stars were meant to glow


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Conquer your fears faster

by changing the way you


Need to hypnotize yourself..


Let the universe control the strings.

Move things - in your brain

You're not the same.


Transgressions, confessions.



Temporary assignment, realignment with the truth

Compusure.  no time to drink, 

Pour your life down the sink


Worked so hard, to...

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Weightless in Space

entry picture

So funny..

at the moment this life is called


Can't rival yourself, or can you?


Man, I'm gonna move on up! 

to a deluxe apartment.. in the sky

for realz.


Thinking on a new level..

its the company that you keep.

Stop pretending you're "friends" with folks

Fake friends


Just wait for it..

I think it possible,

I'm unstoppable..


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Dream sequence

entry picture


Dreams, doors and windows..

Forward motion, initiated, ignited

on the road, on the mission


You'll find it.


Before too long,

sing a song - believe in magic

Life is mysterious

...and sometimes tragic


Repetition, submission,

Limitation, illustration..

Layered in earth and stone

symbols and meanings..


Steal your identity back ..


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webs worth weaving

entry picture

Dream with the fishes

Grant some wishes

Heartfelt messages

Sent in passages


A tunnel

meant to be

Time backwards

X's three.


Universal magic

collides like traffic

on a one way street


To a new reality

you meet your destiny

an epiphany


to your subconscious mind





....and symphonies.

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entry picture

Words are diamonds in a cave

Bring them to light

Ignite a Spark

Open your heart

Pull yourself Apart


If you think too much about it, it doesn't make sense.

and the Passion is lost

in reinteration of facts.


Faster pace, can't erase some memories

They're part of me.

But I set them free.

In my philosophy there's holes and scrolls

of hypocrisy



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Day in the Life

entry picture

Call yr friends, pretend to be "Present"..  

But lost in your head


Retreiving letters, scattered notes, words, lists, noises, buttons.

God bless yourself  with holy water. 

Turn the other cheek

but its still stung...

Piece of my heart.



Thoughts and ideas,

refracted by light with emotions,.

Waves in the ocean.

Sound echoing off the walls. 



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Baggage Claim

entry picture

Mirrors crack open to reveal the indecisions. 

The fear coils around trees.. 


Hiding in shadows we conceal ourselves.. 

Divorce my soul to enter the portal 

Moving through time warps, cradled in consciousness.


Elegant gowns covered in lace.

Stars shine above you.. worms crawl below.

Skinned animals protect us through the storms that won't cease

When the earth...

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