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I wanna be your only love

I wanna be your lovely friend

I wanna be your loving wife

I wanna be your silly old girl

I wanna be your sissy glamorous lady

I wanna be your clinging woman

I wanna be your love and yours only

I cant pretend not having any feelings

I cant pretend to be going away

I cant pretend anything that hurts me

I cant just pretend not being me

I just...

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Broken at the same time

Stop blaming yourself 

It's her fault the feelings felt 


She doesn't know how to love you it seems 

I can't help but want to be in your dreams 


I hate her cause she hurt you so 

Now you just can't let this go 


I fucked it up its true 

Now I just don't know what else to do 


I need to find that special place inside 

The one that wishes you had died



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He looks he stares
He's kind and loving
His heart is pure
Strong and mighty
Can he love forever or
Will he lose his passion for loving
He wanted to reach for the stars, but his mind and soul wouldn't let him flow.
He was changing before his own eyes
Falling apart at once
Couldn't find who he once was or even who he is now
This man is lost
Trying to pick up pieces that has always been br...

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Just three weeks ago I had you in my arms
I still ask for commission to take off your clothes
You said yes and my mind was peaceful
We were both naked in my bed
You wanted sex but I didn't
Now I'm lonely 

Wasting away inside my mind
How could you kiss me 
And think that it wouldn't Fuck with me
You Firefly as why I want to die

I don't have peaceful days I just have nightmares
Do you...

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The evolving and metamorphosing of life

The birthing of ideas and innovations

The inspirations and visons that enlighten the simple

The voices that wakeup nations


Many run from this, hoping to stay in their old ways

Thinking if they run fast enough, change won’t come to stay

In vain they hold on to that which is obsolete

Hoping, yes wishing, they would just remain the sam...

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entry picture

I can hardly speak but I will try.
My brain falls silent, still;
It is the dying of the light
When a ferment of tenses
Lead up many cul de sacs.
Lingering, a moonlight-figure,
Mirrors, the sparkling frost,
She’s gone but never lost.
Suspicious of the silence offered
Outside, all is wild, sky, the colour of blood,
Soaks up all I left, once, years ago,
On a barge meandering down the river

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A Bitter Bite


Draw your steel and wield it,
Let me see if I can feel it,
Let me taste it’s bitter bite against my flesh,
A chance to sample something fresh,
Rest your mirrored blade against my pulsing throat,
You’d best move quickly though, I wouldn’t stop to gloat,
Place your razors edge against my beating heart and swear,
That can see within my eyes as you hold it there,
A single sign of fear ref...

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Same Behaviour

Repitition was key

But never the key to success

The key to her chest

Was hidden in the black depth of her soul


Repitition was inevitable

Outsiders were impatient

And also knowledgable 

About what was likely to happen next


Repitition was boring

A different mask for her to wear

To hide the recurring sadness

That she endured from his actions again



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abusive relationshipbetratalconfusioncrimedenialfriendshipguilttrusttruth

Hot and Sad

Hot and Sad


flavors combined

in one mind 

hot and sad

that’s fine


don’t take my tea 

with sugar 

don’t eat more 

than two donuts 


"that’s enough" 

the stomach growls 


sensitivities of life 

cut like a knife 

that’s what I like 

the rest is too dull  


going through our heads 

the time to respect

all that development 


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entry picture

When I set out my bedding plants

I garden in my underpants;

Cos now we’re all in isolation

I’m free from risk of visitation;

The only time my theory fails

Is when the postie fetches mail

Or Tesco’s Gill brings us our food;

She asked me “Why not garden nude?”

I told her she’s a silly twit -

There’s always chance I’d kneel on it.

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Also by John Coopey:


A 20:20 Vision

A 20:20 Vision


On the one hand, it’s thumbs up for this lock down,

For hand on heart, I prefer a gentler town.

We’ve lost our human contacts, now back in touch,

A world for reaching out, with more time and much 

Space for taking and for making stock.

We knead our dough, and minds unlock,

And saws are sharpened in this time of rest,

When breath and nature seem to teach ...

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Corona virushopeLockdownnormal

Smoke and Mirrors (A Letter to Section Twenty Eight)

If only you saw they loved the smoke.

Know it were the shapes frolicking space

forming air they cheerfully choke on,

take a glass. Scoop it up drink it for them

swallow the haze, spittle on the mirror

mist this muse with thick saliva

so together they can press lips.

in the dusk where ignorance is shade,

the same as she and he did.


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A revolver's grim prophecy

"It is over at last",
"What is? What is over? What is finally done?"
"The war" one broken .45 revolver answers
" The war is done",
"Forgive me for asking", I timidly muttered, "but who won?"
"Dunno" he says," it's still a bit hazy but it was a good day for the vultures"

"War always seems to be a grand buffet for the vultures", I replied
"But look now the generals are celebrating, saying t...

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Away The Lad

entry picture

Away The Lad


When you haven’t got a friend

Or a carer you can reach

Then plan a family trip

To the better equipped North East

County Durham’s nice this time of year

Or so I hear them say

And simply by happenstance

It’s only my wife’s birthday


You see me and the Missus

developed a little cough

so we panicked and headed North

and all the newspaper can Fu...

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barnard castlebreaking lockdownco durhamday 29dominic cummingseliteeye testliesnapowrimo2018off topic

The Living Room -A deep sea affair- (Please don’t drown)

It has been two years today
Since I have had a fight with my then girlfriend
And, crying bitterly, I entered the living room
Replied to my father’s concerns
And let him know his daughter was dating a girl.
No wonder he hasn’t spoken to me since.

But, this poem isn’t about me
And nor is it about a cousin sister of mine
Whose phone was found in the living room
Full with smuts and gay storie...

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deathFathersgaymasculine toxicitysuicidetoxic

City Library


Our Community Library will be opening Monday.

The following guidelines will be in place:

Only two people will be allowed in at one time and both must be in Hazmat suits.

Reservations must be made 4 weeks out, so that we can check your background in the FBI data base.

Patrons will be required to wear clean underwear.

Restrooms will be open, but no toilet paper will be provided d...

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Giant girders bent and burnt and

Crushed fire engines daunt the

Halls of the museum at Albany N.Y. the

Monumental fossils of

9/11 but what will be the

Bones of war with small fry that

Flew poker-faced into the side of our souls?

After the cover-ups and cock-ups and shifty politics and

Constructive euthanasia and

Plastic heroes what

Glorious moraine can grinding folly ...

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I relish the sound of

English words – ones

which William Blake

makes sound serene.

Regarding one of which


I speak – what does a

‘Ferkin’ mean? I heard

it said, by a man turned

red, who’d lost his costly

Fountain pen, in Henley

where swans go upping

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Also by Philipos:


the end of an affair

<he ends of an affair


a long maybe ten years relation with poem site

it has got a new editor who is critical of my work

finds it too brutal, left wing and not sweet.

My work is being blocked out and I~m is sad as there

is no point sending in poems that are no published?

Everything must come to an end ends in death or

divorce, pity really I have many friends there

and a...

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Miles Davis

entry picture

Your barest whisper at first suffices,

expanding slowly to an arc of sound;

each reticent phrase the horn releases

freights the air as a theme is found.


In dapper suits, expensive shoes,

you stand, your back half-turned to a crowd,

giving no more than what you’re paid for –

the music you make and time.


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The Sorrow Of Tomorrow

   The sorrow of tomorrow began early, and again today.

Time tells, no time and yet the essence of the moment is gone.

The heart yearns for just one more day, yet it still slips away..

   The sorrow of tomorrow began early, and again today.

Desire became a fire, in the inner most part of the mind.

The way a body clings to the soul, of another spirit in twined..

   The sorrow of t...

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#ccblog #blogger #sorrowoftomorrow


What this pandemic has done to the world 

By shaking people's confidence and dulling senses 

Has inadvertently led us into that awful rule 

The law of unintentional consequences 

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Also by Joe Marcello:


kids these days. (by a kid on this day.)

i really 

so enjoy my own company. 


when i don’t go from laptop to phone to smoke

the minutes between

the fact that no one

no one can know

that it is only me sitting in the wind

only me listening to this all 

only me thinking this


and i’ll let them in when it’s dangerous

but aside from that 

i have a best friend

who never leaves

and it’s me


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acting outkids these daysteen illnessteenage

The night the Milky Way disappeared

it was past midnight

on a balmy night

I lay back

on a comomile lawn


there lay before me

a creamy feast for the eyes

luminous bands of stars

stretching across the sky


the charming seven sisters beaming with broad smiles

a five jewelled glistening harp

the northern cross disguised as a beautiful swan shimmering in the milky sky

the lion shining bright makin...

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You're my Guest!

I got too comfortable,
Don't forget you're just a guest,
Take all that you care to!

Ghostly by night,
In the now crack of dawn,
The light glistens on the side of my pantry.

But didn't you see!?
This place known to little,
A weird and strange place.

It's hollow (I'm sure),
But the meaningless did wander,
And I feel nauseous at times.

But when the mountain sides goes rockin,

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The end of the world as we know it?

entry picture

The end of the world as we know it?

Early hours, I check the clock
A vivid dream has woke me up

Bizarre times, now par for the course
Yes, I‘m not dressed up, and I’ve nowhere to go

In a couple of hours it’s time for work
It’s like groundhog day, but in reverse

A bit of breakfast, watch the news
No daily commute, no traffic queues

So here we go, it’s back up the stairs
No need ...

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We are walking
barefoot on the grass
holding our lights
in front of our faces

A silent march of stars
searching for a home
on a dark night´s path

We do not know
where we go
we do not know
why we walk

We just look around
and only see movement
so we decide
to run ourselves

Take a break
little star
get some breath
gain some strength

Let your light shine
right here

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The deejay from the UK had a really great time
Staying up all night, regularly
For days and decades
Not just some weekends and the odd holiday

Vitamin D levels were not optimal
Midday sunless UK
No talk of Circadian rhythms
He slept in the daytime

Still about, and now in his fifties
In the flesh and not Photochopped
He looks like something chasing Frodo in those films
A cousin of de...

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280 characters

entry picture

From being alive to reduced to a few characters, 

A whole life condensed into a hashtag.

What is happening isn’t brutality but massacres,

By those who proudly serve the American flag. 


Colin Kaepernick took the knee for us, 

But George Floyd bear the weight of it.

He suffocated under 400 years of prejudices, 

But they’ll never understand. 

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Also by Charlotte Thomas-Rowe:

The Diary Of The Coloured |


Sitting in a box 

Surrounded by bouquets

Silenced by time

Nailed down 



Slipping lower,

It’s too late

For someone to enliven these bones

Engage the masses

It’s time to say ‘goodbye'

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The Kingfisher

entry picture

A sudden vivid flash electric blue

so swiftly straight more sensed than seen,

streaking burrow-wise from his grey branch lookout

over the dark olive green lake water.


So fragile no halcyon days are his,

unable to command the creek or river water,

and inexpert divers are the fledglings

often waterlogged and trapped in weed or twigs.


Suffering from our pollution-pro...

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Also by Jennifer Malden:

Limericks for May 12th | Loved to Death |

The Nape Of Her Neck

Festivity around the scene serene full of cheer

Hullaballoo! Everyone wanted to be there

She heard the noise outside from her balcony

White shirt and black trousers she arranged her hair

The lady looked pretty as she tied her hair

Oh, how beautiful was the nape of her neck!


She went amidst the crowd

Danced and danced feeling very proud.

The fiesta continued there for s...

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Also by ai ou:

I Have Gotten To Know... She Is A Witch! |

beautiful woman

Dying a Death

Chipper almost blasé, only

297 today

announced like a fisherman’s bag,

almost disappointedly,

the insides of my eyelids blaze

pink in the early evening sunset,

the day is weakening, soon

the smell of supper

and the pithy grip of dry white wine,

that’s good to hear

it might be all over by Christmas.


© Graham Sherwood 05/2020

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Also by Graham Sherwood:

Dreamwake |

having words with the corona bug....

telling the bug to do one...

sod off mr corona bug

your not coming in

cause i'm staying in!👍

looking out the window i see you lurking about 👀

i put two fingers to you✌ and say "sod off"

if i come out ive got a vacinne to knock you out! 😤😀

you been warned mr corona bug

dont treat me like a mug! 😤

there's thousands of people you've harmed already! 😥

now its time for you...

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Exercise,exercise get fit

Alcohol sales are up by 22 percent due to lockdown,

As many in isolation their corona sorrows do drown.

Some have drunk more and put on a corona stone,

Their anxiety levels shot through the roof,maybe home alone.


Many due to enforced isolation have emerged fitter than before,

Taking advantage of the extra time ,exercising much more.

Regular exercise encourages the body to ma...

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Arch of Love

Boundless spectrum

jumps over

sky blue haze


Yellow sunflowers

slumber inside

beds of green


Saying to

Mr Rainbow

please stay longer


Before  you

guide love

back into heaven.

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A leprechaun bridge for my Dad's anniversary

Clap For Key Workers

Ten weeks on,

clapping for key workers is coming to an end

Clap your hands,

in appreciation, for their dedication we commend


Every person,

old and young, women, men, girls and boys

Clap your hands,

whistle, shout, cheer, together make some noise


At the window,

by the front door, on the step or in the street

Clap your hands,

bang a drum, beep a horn and st...

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Black Bodies

~Black bodies stained red

By hands of those whom color has not dared touch

Black bodies left for dead

Destroyed, discarded, desecrated, and given to death's clutch

Black bodies have always bled

For the sins of those who are yet to be judged

Black bodies are hanging by a thread

Waiting for justice, but receiving none such.~


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Also by M3RK:

Nights in Neptune | What Do You See? |


Rhyming dream

When the night grows dark

And all return home after long day task


And the moon rises high in the dark black sky

Studded with stars creating a magical high


All the yester years memories creeps

Into the room where we are lying asleep


From the eyes, into the deepest mind

A dream grows into a reality keeping spell bind


The sleeper carefully speaks and play t...

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Also by Jasmine k.:

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The Ingrates



The Ingrates


Put yourself in my shoes

Try to imagine being me

Always right

Knowing that every decision I ever made

Was for the good of my family

But they were too stupid

Or ignorant to see it



So I’d been in the pub all day

But not drinking

Well… drinking, but not for pleasure

I was looking for work

If I didn’t go to the places where the...

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Also by kJ Walker:

The Devil Came To Grimstone Low |

A nightingale sang in Berkeley Square

entry picture

A nightingale sang in Berkeley Square


Two lovers meet in Mayfair, that's what the legends tell

It was in the depth of winter and freezing, cold as hell


Not that Hells froze over

Global warming has seen to that

anyway back to my poem

and the day winter turned to spring


It was all because of some Songbirds singing

and someone cast a spell

I know that such en...

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Po's parody poetry

In midst 20's

It was pitiful enough that I'd be running in anyone arms in desperation
I don't even know what I'm supposed to do or whom I'm supposed to be
It was a lonely road indeed.
In midst 20s when you thought you have it all figure out
And life smack back at you
Then suddenly you're lost again
People say you will figure it out
But when,
When its already too late?
Will I ever figure it out?

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Dear Love,

Even after some unremovable

scar marks,

I still crave for your love.

The painful wound is no past

but love can heal.

So why hatred?

Dear Love,

come again in any form.

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Believe |


A tall and wooden window’s open wide 

And lets the early summer sunshine slip 

Inside the dimly lit and narrow room 

And draw few feeble shadows on the walls. 


Beside the window stands a girl and looks 

Towards a very distant place, away 

From where she stays with shoulders brought in front 

While arms are tightly held around her waist. 


She wears a lively coloure...

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Also by R. Neest:

Isolation | River by Night | Landscape |



i will never think of you again
i will never wish to be with you
i will forget you with all my heart
i will move on, i will get over you
i will not pray for us to meet again
but before all these,
i will pray for you to be safe and happy
and it will be the end

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Country Platitudes

I grew up in a swarm of 'farming folk' sayings,

Buzzing around my head like bees,

Pithy, pointed platitudes, remarkably philosophical.

'Life' observations, wrapped in catchy, common imagery

Like these three:

'Play in the sunshine, rue in the rain.'

'You planted your own row; now hoe it!'

'You reap what you sow.'


These expressions carried weight.

There were always ex...

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Little Window Flowers | Ugly Faces | Still in Bed With the Big Three 'B's' | V E Day, 2020 | Lockdown Wall | See a 'What' Skin! |

Victory Two!

It's September of forty-five. 
We remember the dark months 
when France was overrun and England stood alone 
against the force of Nazi armies.
Soon Germany attacked Russia. 

Then Japan committed a tactical triumph 
and a strategic blunder: they attacked Pearl Harbor.
Our ocean fortress had been breached.
That Day in Infamy galvanized the nation; 
to win, no matter what the cost.

Two ...

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Also by David F. Freeman:

Victory Won! |

PacificpeacePearl HarborwarwartimeWWII

Inverted Space Sculptures

An infinity of white marble blocks is an eternity of bliss for Rodin and Bernini.

Truth serves no one but the end that never ends.

To witness the falling rain as a miracle.

Always a child always a student. All crowns represent me.

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Also by Daniel Reuben King:

Infinity Cradles Spheres | I Regret Society As It Is | From The Egg The Yolk Of An Egg. | For Limos | Perfumed Flower Garden |

FragmentsPoetic aphorisms

Distance Dating

entry picture

Bitten by passion

In forbidden times

Meaning is missing

As each hour chimes

Watching his body

His face

Through a screen

Can a coin set him free

From this vending machine?

He offers a penny

Just for her thoughts....

' If you'd been some chocolate, I'd get what I've bought'

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Also by Ruth O'Reilly:

Behind The Mask |

social distancing #romance #humour #flashfiction

Star Crossed Poets

“All I do is kiss you, through the bars of a rhyme.” ~ Mark Knopfler


Sing to me 

one more time. 


Share the gift 

of your romantic 



You have the power 

to light up the night

with a flick of your pen. 


Show us where 

madness stops 

and love begins.



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Also by Vautaw:

Tuesday's Prayer | Gen Zzz | First Grade Pandemic | Forgetfulness |



If I could send you fragrance in a thought

click and send a perfect blend

with words and picture on the wing

to a blissful journey's end

then I would willingly sell my soul

for a magic ride on the juggernaut.

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Also by ray pool:


Two Soups

entry picture

Why making soup makes me feel so good.

 There’s a joke in our house at the moment – “Two soups !” which, for those of a certain generation, will always bring back that magical sketch by Victoria Wood and Julie Walters set in a restaurant, where a doddery and forgetful waitress finally brings 2 soups to a couple, spilling all the soup onto the carpet on the way. Maybe we wouldn’t be allowed to p...

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Long Haiku Or Short Sonnet?


as if there is no fate.
Choose long straight hair
like a long straight road
from here to there.
Choose the easy life
however hard it may be.
At the last minute as at the first
as if the duelling pistols are identical.
As a baby turtle rushes
into the sea or into a wall.

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Prayer and God Will Protect Me From Corona

entry picture

Prayer and God Will Protect Me From Corona


Trump calls for churches to open – regardless.


“In America we need more prayer, not less”


Must go to my church coming Sunday

Mix close with the people and pray

To God who'll protect me and save me

And keep corona virus away


Attending my church is more important

More important than staying at home

My God will...

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It's Football, But Not As We Know It

entry picture

Players on the pitch

Managers in dug-outs

No fans in the seats

Everyone's been shut out

Happy to be replaced

By life-size cardboard cut-outs

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Also by Brian Maryon:

Get the App | Back On Court | The Measure of our Freedom |

Monday, May 25, 2020 10:23 PM

The next time you cut down the olive branch

I hope you realize that such a limb will not always be there.

With abuse, anger, and violence

That limb may fall.

Too fragile to support the weight of such a heavy soul.


The next time you cut down the olive branch

I hope you realize that such a limb has weaknesses of its own.

With threats, beratement, and indifference

That li...

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in a small town near the ocean

a man stares at the sky

asking for it’s answers

praying for it’s promise

we are used to knowing everything 

but about the universe, we know little

all we can do is stare 

and be drawn in by the discomfort of not knowing 

yet appreciating the comfort of knowing it’s always there

I aim for the dark side of the moon

the part nobody sees or ...

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Also by Robbie Christian:

Wedding Cake |


Melanin so dark.

Skin scorched by the heating sun.

Magnificent in every way.

The curls of your hair tell the story of you.

They speak of your resilience and perseverance when they forced you from the land of your forefathers to a foreign land, a land that is not your own.

Only to turn around and feel threatened by your presence.

Within you is a fire that burns bright, a desire to...

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Also by Maatla Mog:


With Croutons

It was one of those cuppa soup thingies.

Minestrone with croutons.

Really the lowliest of soups,

Not only from a packet

But from a little sealed inner sachet too.

A few particles of dusty substance,


Monosodium Glutamate enhanced,

Coming alive with boiling water.

But instead of putting it into a mug

I chose a couple of elegant white soup bowls

With fine ...

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Also by Hannah Collins:

Sometimes | A Poem For VE Day | Colombe - The Dove |

Isolation in Spring

Those notes of silence in isolation in Spring
Carry further at night-time more than in the day
with the flowers blowing in the breeze
and the trees outside rustling in the court-yard
their beauty thickened from neglect.

Imaginary fowls that you would see in the fields
And the return of the birds once again
From their endless trawl down South
Are now closed like confessionals in churches

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Also by Andy N:

Homage to Harold Budd | The trees in lockdown | Life minus the subtitles | Turn the Tide | Hitching a Ride (II) | Face in the crowd | Temporary Freedom | Hitching a Ride | The Flowers |


You lie awake in bed with your eyes swollen from the tears and the pain

Wondering why you deserve to hurt

You play back scenes in your head thinking , " Was it all fake!"

The smiles, the love, the times we laid together in bed, talking about children, and houses by the lake

You close your eyes and tears fall down your face and you cry to God , " Please, please make it all go away!"


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Also by Jacqueline L Elias:

Wishes |

dreamsfaithfakefeelingsGodheartbrokenpainrelationship breakup

Looted Seed

entry picture

The seed he planted didnt really grow
He forgot to add some love and water flow
He just come at night to see the empty pot and go
While the seed he planted, was taken away by a Crow


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Also by Ruvi Galhena:

Blue sky |


The sun was bright
Gates open wide
And Esther was the one

I danced - you walked
I listened while you talked
It was not me who cried

You took the blame
And name in vain
I loved the way you lied

We kissed the kiss
And then you missed
That tiny fleeting smile

Your dress so white
Eyes shut so wide
The closure has begun

Polish roulette
The stage was set
For mischief to be don...

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Also by Greg_ari0us:

M | Sapphire | Before we met |


[In hiding from his record company after refusing to continue commercial recording, Hendrix formed a collective called Gypsy Suns and Rainbow - aka A Band of Gypsys. After 3 days of endless rain they closed the show at Woodstock with an historical performance. 3 months later he died in London]

Word went out with little warning,

Its always calm before the storm.

A mass of biblical proporti...

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Also by trevor homer:

CONTAGION [The Book Shop] |

The Subject in the Picture

Golden was the frame

That surrounded you

A beautiful scene

Filled with a magnificent hue

- Nature's canvas.

Centrally seated you

Looked at the artist

And drove the object

Out of the imagery

Created an image

Of yourself

Fighting back

Alive with strength

You and you alone

Noone else can be you


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Also by Jon Stainsby:

Faces | When will this vicious circle die? | The time to feel alive | Peace and Love | Wishing well, living full |


Guardian angel

entry picture

Everyone alive  has a guardian angel who dries there tears

They hold them close even when I seems noone is here

But when I look into the sky I feel so much 

When I want some compassion there's noone I can touch

Guardian angels are that warm feeling after crying

The thing that makes you stop and keep trying

But even though I'm alive I don't have this

I think my guardian angel d...

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Also by Zoëlla:

Tick...tock |

Thoughts (random)


Thoughts are funny 

Thoughts are freaky 

Thoughts bring pain

Thoughts bring gain 

Neither here neither there 

All we think we bring to bare 

My thoughts 

Her thoughts 

Your thoughts 

His thoughts

Thoughts we share

Thoughts we cannot bare 

Though you do not say, your thoughts they always find there way

Good thoughts bad thoughts 

All day we fi...

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#thoughts #poetry #mentalhealthawarness

On Visiting The Aosta Valley

To add more notes to birdsongs would – I know -

only mar the passing hearer's bliss;

to add another hue within a rainbow

but cloys its glory; monarchs little miss

if crowned once more for show; this scene below

is such the tools of art I can dismiss.

Tranquil it sits in winter's parting chill:

the shops and cafes of the village seem

drowsy with sleep; surrounding mountains ...

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Also by Christopher Laverty:

Could I Cast Spells | Old Tales I Have Turned | Thoughts On Home While Abroad |

on visiting the aosta valley christopher laverty

Haiku for the Tory voter (a lament)

Wanted a Churchill.
Got a blonde workshy dandy,
hapless and fearful.


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Also by steve pottinger:

Going Viral (with Teflon Dom) |


Wounded Animal

Wounded animal


‘Mankind’s a wounded animal!’

The voice of the columnist boomed.

As though his mansion dripped with blood,

While a hungry predator loomed.


Down his way, though, mankind survives.

The van, sanitized, delivers

Deep-cleaned excitement on a plate.

Summertime: nobody shivers.


The odd spark flies and tempers fray,

But daily jogging keeps all tr...

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Also by Stephen Gospage:

Bedside Days |

'One Lung Dave'

‘One Lung Dave’ is what they call him,

The man whose fighting cancer.

Breathing is a challenge everyday-

We all wish there was an answer!


‘One Lung Dave’ is what he calls him,

We laugh and all poke fun

His humour is his armour…

when he can only walk but wants to run.


‘One Lung Dave’ is what the doctors call him,

He struggles to breathe everyday-

Waiting for ...

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Also by JJ:

Daughter |



Dreams are a simple way to make sense

of the past, often used as a mental grip

on the bafflement we feel

when choice engulfs us, not just hems us in.


Shall I become that which I know I am not?

Perhaps, an empty shell, I will be found out:

a shameful gambler like many,

and primed to receive his just deserts.


Or, better, to receive the same without regre...

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Also by Chris Hubbard:

Memoirs and Reflections |


Whilst others may be far away, 
You've no need to leave your room, 
For you can see and hear them, 
Through a device that we call Zoom.

Zoom is a modern method, 
Of which people should now know. 
It is a common meeting place 
Where everyone now seems to go.

Your meeting may be a one off. 
You may have many in succession. 
You might just meet one person, 
Or have lots of them in a se...

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Also by Stuart Vanner:

On the Piano | End of Lockdown | The Happy Mermaid | Captain Tom Moore |

ComputersMeeting peopleModern technologyStuart VannerZoom


Ambitions burn within me.

they've smouldered for a while,

although the Reaper’s left his card,

black edged as is his style.

But I'm not predisposed as yet

to shuffle off this coil,

I've got a list of things to do

before I go sub-soil:

like make a mechanism,

enhancing life for all,

invent a panacea,

sorting problems large and small.

I'd like to be a pilot


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Also by Jonathan Humble:

In Boots Like These | This Skin |

The Forests will Echo with Laughter. Part 2.

entry picture

Anemones frizzled sparks beneath the trees

and bluebells rippled lakesides in the glades

the day Amelia Hamilton first breezed

into the woodland camp

sequestered in the shade.


Although no one had seen her face before

they felt she had been born to live among them.

Willing to muck-in with all the chores

the new recruit soon proved

more expert than the young men.



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Also by Tim Ellis:

The Forests will Echo with Laughter. Part 1. |


Incapable of tenacity,
My efforts become wasted.
No issue of bone density,
But one of sweet love, tasted.

Too far away;
It never existed.
Mere fiction to fill my day.
My face turns away.

That's just my way,
It seems.

To fill my day,
With fallacy;
Your head with 'promise me'.

Watch as I dance around meaning without capacity.
Please, no flash photography –
Try, but you...

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Also by nightflower:

Untitled.- 4 | Unsung Beauty | Shatter the Stone Duck | Untitled - 3 |

Turn in Time

They walked out the door and the air was heavy

She felt as though she would suffocate as all the air was sucked out of her lungs

Her chest got tighter and tighter with every strained breath

She stood there as he began to turn away from her

Instantly a thousand thoughts ran through her mind like a spinning kaleidoscope

Bright colors, scents, feelings, and thoughts

She went back in...

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Also by Kristy:

What He Doesn't Know | Pouring Rain |

Always Love You

I will always love you. For the sun and the moon to know, to let the fear flow, to let the earth turn slow. Universe is for the lovers...



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Also by Deb:

Don't Tell Me | The Darkest Night | 21 Years | Do You Remember | Kitchen |




been thinking
of you
wish it
wasn't true
don't wanna remember
the cost
was more than
love lost
first it
was fun
didn't mean to 
hurt anyone
as feelings
we both
to say
cuz you were
never mine
now we
carry shame
could say
we earned
the name
didn't think of
anybody else
should've known
bear a 

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Also by cindylee loucks:


POEMS3 by cindy lee loucks


entry picture

Poem 77 of 230: OVERCOME

Variety’s a spice of life -
Crucial to which is culture;
Yet, as the world moves further “right,”
Cultural destruction’s rife.

We’re taught the virtues of “progress,”
As if other ways are sin;
But, as we push ever “forward,”
Traditions are ever less.

Competition brings corner cuts,
So rivers are polluted;
And land’s taken, from indigenes,
For “progress” - no if...

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Escape 1970

Escape 1970


Inside the straight jacket 

she is constrained

last days before death

a lonely loss of freedom when needed most


I imagine her emotions, 

tied up, held down, 


panic spilling into every corner of her sterile camisole


inside the straight jacket 

there are moments of clarity

hidden strength

a fight for recognition in a damaged brai...

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Also by Hilary Walker:

Human Touch | Casualty of our time (Coronavirus 2020) | Aftermath (Covid 19) |

A Pressed Flower

A Pressed Flower


I had procrastinated for far too long

as it sat above the house hidden

to give it shape and additional room

Our loft was a chaotic storeroom

the unwanted added to the untidy


I climbed a rickety ladder aloft

into a cavern of perpetual darkness

with a solitary naked light bulb

With torch in hand I surveyed the scene

old suitcases, cardboard bo...

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Also by keith jeffries:

This is my Country and these are my People | Seasonal Sensations | Do you see? |

Clinging Sunsets

entry picture

Words cannot convey
exactly what I’m trying to say…
when in my mind, I see your face
you have something I can never replace
knowing the world’s a better place with you in it
feeling you near even though you’re distant
imagining you so hard you must feel it!

Close my eyes
and you’re there in the air
Nodding your head, you deliver
the music that makes me shiver
with your sm...

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destinylove poetrypoempoetry

Art Gallery, Stockport - A Tribute


Art Gallery, Stockport – A Tribute


It’s almost hallowed, the ambience

within your lofty halls


A kindly air of learning,

of knowledge sought and gained,

of shared imaginations


It is a place where creativity is celebrated,

where a passion for the arts

and a love of the written word

find their being


A serene birthing place


It is a treasur...

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Blackpills from Babylon

entry picture

iron in the wind, blood above the sun

a cube in 9 forms foments
old world chaos 
with a new world Ninkilim
and thunder is no longer fractal but a
direct reflection of divinity 
in the dirt as shown by Jove’s
quietly diminishing Eye

Jesus as Serpent and the 666
misread technology of the Spirit, 
the Holy Ghost like weaponized Compassion
coming at you at 3 in the morning 
with blood ...

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Also by Kealan Coady:

The Nephilim of Croghan Hill | The Sound of Blood and the Left-Handed Moon | We Are All That We Are |

Who am i meant to be

I forgave myself the hate towards me, thinking about constantly please let me be. The emotions inside of me not knowning what i please to be. Confused lost out of my mind holding through a thin line. Who am i. Cold , soft , forgotten, demanded, lost, who am i. With no one around my screams and nails on the ground who really was i meant to be.  

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Stuck inside my head with all the hurt that i have done

How could i have been alive when it felt like i was dead

Middle of nowhere is where i belong 

In the open land not thinking about my wrongs

Take me to the place that i truely want to be 

With the stars and the grass, the dirt and the trees

Giving it up, letting it go 

Trying to face being alone, when i just want to pack u...

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Also by Stacy Eskin:

The road to sobriety |

Plight of Migrant Labor Covid19 2020

I was always a supporter for our govt. Whether it was demonetization or lockdown, we tried to find the good. But the plight of migrant labor is heart wrenching. The wailing kids, ladies trying to carry as much as possible with desire of reaching home. In anguish multiple questions arise, while such mass movement of the migrant labor happened during lockdown where was the district administration, s...

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In the distance,

trees blossom.

I miss the scent,

and flutter of falling petals.


It’s too far to see bees,

but I must hope they are there,


paying forward.


Cool breeze

chills watery sun

in unlooked for blue sky,

wasted on trapped townfolk.


Passing cars

disturb silence,

now commonplace

but once improbable.


The world wait...

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Socrates On Orwell On Truth On This Now Prison

     Our race is lost,
what has won is our disgrace,
our race, is lost,
no other body be granted,
     no more planet for us in space.

     Our race is lost,
for now you buy your air,
our race is lost,
don't ever, ever, ever again state for children - you care!







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Also by ZTK Space:

To Capture (feat Mcrae, Brubeck) | Salt Of The Earth | Snow In Summer |


entry picture

Before four in the morning . A chorus of birds . Singing all is ok and we're happy . We are Fighting we're alive . We're bringing you joy . We're bringing you hope . We're calling all others to feel like we do . Happy to be alive . Happy to be happy . Happy to do what others can do . Sing out loud and be Happy .

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Also by Wendy A Higson:

Keep Loving |

A Burning Love

Two burning souls intertwine

Inhaling the scent of a starry night.

The taste of innocence diminished from their lips while greed lingered upon their tongues.

Her skin had the power to tease fingertips, thus provoking the smoldering blaze. 

Feelings escalated from deep infatuation to passionately in love

One couldn’t help turning the shade crimson

Even Orion felt himself blush. 


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Also by Itsjustmedownhere:

Just Another Isolation Poem | Who Am I? |

Twisted Semantics In A World Upside-down

A summer's Christmas,

A winter's Easter,

Sun blazed reflections,

Moon chilled features,

Decaying bright shadows,

Renewing dark radiance,

Exogenous void within',

Luminescently extraneous,

Lagging just to rush,

The constantly inconsistent,

Concealing joyous sorrows,

Being contiguously distant,

Thoughts resistantly flowing,

Nerves electrically static,


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Also by Jared Harris:

Life Is A Slow Death (God Please Help Me) | The "Corona" Special |

backwards worldconfusedcontemplationcrazy worlddepressionfalliing skiesinsane worldLifepainsadnessSemanticsthinkingupisde down world

Language of You

With pen and paper in hand

I write love letters to you in the early morning 

When I know that your mind is still wavering in dream 

When this conscious body craves the affection of yours as you turn over slowly in your sleep 

and sigh against the curve of my neck 


It is not easy to fill the time that you are absent 

Meaningless tasks seem to pass too quickly 

But from far...

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Yes. Let’s take it!

Let’s steal this day

as if we’re delinquent, 

gobstopper sugared 

sucking kids.


Let’s run through poppy

filled meadows, tie daisies 

into each others long gone hair. 


Let’s hold hands, 

skip and sing for it.


This day!



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Also by Ralph Dartford:

Antes de la Bahía de los Cerdos | Wisconsin | Breathing Lessons | Dawn Call Late |

A Pig Went Quack

A pig went quack with a Monkey on his back while watching an Elephant juggle,
a Tiger passing by in his plane was flying high and a laughing Rhino started blowing bubbles,
a Gorilla started baking the pie that he'd been making as a Billy Goat was brushing his hair,
and a Crocodile was painting a Zebra who was skating while eating a big ripe juicy pear!

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Also by Lee Franks:

A Monkey Wore Pink Lipstick | A Gorilla Wore A Tutu....... | A Letter To Mr Larkin | I Saw A Hippopotamus........... | Meet Me By The River | A Cheetah Ate A Pizza |

children's poetryhumourpoems for kids

I Love my Bike

I really love my bicycle 
I think that it loves me
Can’t cope without my bicycle
It’s part of me you see

The places I can go on it
The likes you’ve just not seen
I ride uphill, or freewheel down
Don’t ask me where I’ve been

I sit here on my balcony
Enjoying sunny days
It’s good to know that travelling
Is done in many ways

Now some may travel on a bus
Whilst others take the train

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Also by Rick Varden:

Questions and Answers | The Macho Male tale | Don’t Say a Word | I Wish |

The Heat

On a hot summer evening, 

The orange sun beat down like a relentless radiator.

And, there She stood,

Brown skinned, 

Bare chested,

In front of a cool, open refrigerator.

As a melody played ~~~

“Smooth Operator”.

And, perched on her window,

A purple bird,

Her only spectator.

Flew across the street to rest under the shaded roof of an old grand theatre.

Where a bla...

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Every picture

Every story has a picture

And every picture has some words

Every word is dressed and spliced

Filed into lines of scraggly words

Strung and hung together one after another

To form sentences paragraphs

And sheaves of misbegotten tales

Drawn and picked out

Of the cold hard depths of the imagination

The aching hand of a straining chemist

Of beleaguered and brightly col...

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Also by Martin Elder:

Bully the week |

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