Third Beach

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Third Beach


This is the sunny place my spirits rest

Sat on a wooden bench watching the sea

The shimmer from the bright pacific west

The only place on earth I long to be.

The walkers and the cyclists passing by

Upon the wide and welcoming sea wall

The seagulls and crows desperately try

To out call the other in pine trees tall.

I watch the tankers in the distance drift

Waiting for their place at Vancouver’s dock

Whilst children on the beach collect and sift

The sand and look for crabs under a rock.

This is the peaceful spot where time stands still

A haven for a soul with time to kill

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Ian Whiteley

Wed 6th May 2020 12:17

Glad you liked it Hannah - I guess everyone has their favourite beach/sea spot ? somewhere to wind down in the sun and just let the waves roll in ? thanks for commenting

PS - thanks to everyone for the 'likes' I appreciate it

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Hannah Collins

Tue 5th May 2020 18:44

I love this poem because I adore the sea and it evokes beautiful images.


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