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Sitting in a box 

Surrounded by bouquets

Silenced by time

Nailed down 



Slipping lower,

It’s too late

For someone to enliven these bones

Engage the masses

It’s time to say ‘goodbye'

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The Raging Heart

The very machine that gives you life
could easily take mine away

The piercing from exhaustion 
punctures my living, my breathing
Every bodily function is affected
as I reach my hand towards the pulsing and thumping 
racing through my chest

I don’t want this to be how I end
I can’t let my kids see their mother this way
I hold on tight to life as I feel my chest tightening 

I sit, 

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We Don’t Talk About That

Telepathically, your thoughts race over me

They strike during the early morning hours

It’s that time again

But we won’t talk about that now


We’ll say so much that will fit in

The space between the silence 

But those days where we lit up the sky

We won’t talk about that now


But the fantasies creep in

Some days, or most days,

On what we’ve done behind locked d...

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lost loveloverssilence

Writer’s Block Strikes Again

Gather jumbled up thoughts
jot down some words
numerous adjectives,
superlatives, and delicious nouns


Describe the scene
that can explain
it is certainly this
but it could be better


Conjure up a lost love
hint at a depth of longing,
fulfillment, and regret
but give yourself some credit


Leave readers with faith,
love eventually wins
love yourself enough to see

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poetrywriters blockwriting

Love Bites

Love bites mark what occurred this week 
Turns out I couldn’t mask the distance between
Ending up with someone else
Added another notch in my belt
But he didn’t mean anything
Because you see 
I was after someone else
My love adventure turned out to be my worst realized dream
Caught between lovers of convenience, lust, and longing 


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The Wrong Kind of Love

Maybe it’s the wrong time

maybe it’s the wrong kind

of love

for you

for you and I

could have anything


But every time I look into your eyes

I get this feeling

this feeling that I just can’t hide

you’ve got me reeling

with that loving feeling


Yet, all those girls chase after you

you’ve learned all their names

you say them so proudly

they respond so...

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Our Song

entry picture

Spinning the same song 

that connected us

gets harder to hear.

Each verse cuts deeper 

into what never was, 

what could have been, 

the longing to be near.


With my fingertips crossing your beard, 

your fingers grazing my thighs, 

those longing sleepless nights 

I’ve waited to be alongside 

the one that knew the depth 

of my emotions,

facing eye to eye.


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artistsloversmusicour song

Separated Not By Love

entry picture

You set the scene, 
describe it so perfectly; 
what we’ll do 
what I’ll wear 
where we’ll go 
from the first moments of excitement 
to the height of pure ecstasy 

But love, 
it’s a trembling sensation 
that leaves me wanting; 
wanting to lay with you, 
to feel your warmth next to me 

The cool breeze from the window 
attempts to ease 
the burning between us 
but fails as we don’t let...

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A Story of Hope

entry picture

A writer yearns to tell their story, any story

that will stand the test of time

full of hardships conquered

and inspires generations with hope.


The story shall feel whimsical,

not so much with fairies dancing 

but that there is a happy ending.

The story shall have brevity,

not so much as a long weathered tale

but one that details just enough.


The story shall...

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Let Me Bother You

I’ll walk down to the beach,

see you standing there,

bother you,

and tug on that beard.

I’ll knock you down,

roll around with you through the waves

and land on top.

You’ll have the sand between your hairs,

our bodies wet, 

while watching the sand melt away beneath us.

It’ll melt the distance between us,

it’ll melt away the silence held within,

while we watch the...

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We Are Gathered Here Together

He orders black coffee,

soup and salad,

steak and potatoes

before his apple pie dessert

at buffets on the other side of town


A routine meal

that would years later

be remembered

as his reward


Dad loves on his Alaskan crab legs

with a side of melted butter

While Mom orders chicken

at a seafood restaurant

She doesn’t offer to pay

while Auntie tells ...

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Endless Night

At the end of the day
The rain now steadily falls
I’ve laid here for hours
Waiting for sleep to come
Keeping my mind company,
I’ve put a few records on

Spinning my favorites and laying low,
Leonard, Elliot, Thom, and Isakov,
Each song delivers a blow
Throwing me back to years ago

I’ve laid here in the dark for so long
It’s too much trouble to turn the lights on
My mind is heavy
As the...

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musicpoetryrainfallsleepless night

The Oak Tree

entry picture

The oak tree

Unwavering and sturdy

Tells us how to be:

Don’t break so easily

In the slightest change of wind


Climbing back through my childhood bedroom window

Landing on shards of broken glass

Crimson oozes slowly

As I pray each stab is its last

So much has shaken me since my first landing

Each step taken cuts deeper than the beginning


Looking back 


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Revolving Door

He says, “you’ve been a great lover,

opened up doors for me, 

been there when I needed you

but I’m going to leave you, woman

for I know you could do better than me”

He picks up his suitcase, 

then he’s running out the door


And that’s the way it is

that’s the way it’ll always be

lovers in and out the revolving door


She says, “I’m going to leave this town


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Mr. Tomato

Mr. Tomato, my daughter calls you 

Cute as can be, I laugh it off

But after giving it further thought

She has an idea that might be true:

When squeezed too tightly

Your insides start to fall apart

But I’ll take it,

Maybe even with a slice of toast

Licking my fingertips,

I want to savor every last drop.

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retreat, retreat

settle back down into your cave


retreat, retreat

settle back down into that space you crave


retreat, retreat

no more reaching out for company along the shore


retreat, retreat

no more reaching out for what’s beyond the door


retreat, retreat

the ghost killer haunts each of us


retreat, retreat

stay inside we must



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Meeting in Solitude

Minds meeting
words spoken
stories shared
world is hushed
but inside we are all screaming
waiting for the tomorrows
when our meetings will be filled with embraces,
with kisses,
with reading a silent stare
and we will know what they mean
not just from a frozen screen
but for a reflection of all time

We are all waiting for the tomorrows
we will no longer meet in solitude
but a meetin...

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Our (Mis)Fortune

Your hand slips into mine, 
the fortune-teller notices 
our smiles with glittering eyes
she’s convinced 
there’s a future between us
she smiles & invites us in

Laying down cards one by one 
it reveals the betrayal and secrets
that will keep us
from the love that has swept us into a whirlwind 

We turn to each other stunned
but a laugh begins, 
she replies, “Sorry, no refunds”

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Screaming Amongst The Silence

My insides are frantic
Red hot and rebellious 
Toiling and pacing 
Until we can find an end
Searching for peace
A single breath
That’s what it might take
Or a walk
Deep into the forest
Silence lingers 
Without answers
And without a sound
Of anyone around,
I scream
And let it all out


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lost & found memories

Sleeping soundly, 

his arms wrapped 'round me 

while I lay dreaming 

it’s you that rouses my sleep 


I wake startled 

you’ve returned again 

with flashes between 

two moments, 

a mere eyeblink away 


The things that can’t be  

those lost & found memories 

between moments of today

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just a little tenderness

stone cold heart

eyes down

I don’t feel the need anymore

to pretend this is going anywhere 


coming in the door

with the latest news from your day

I half listen and nod

while preparing the kitchen


late at night while in bed

you reach over for

just a little tenderness

while I turn away

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Sunday Thoughts

Two lone souls 

believing they stand out in the crowd

do they really

or are they the same as everyone around

they feel like they're special, profound

no one must feel the same

but they do,

they all want to be loved

they're all searching for the one


Yet there isn't only one for you

there are quite a few

as they've slowly come in and out of view

this one here...

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Love Blossoms

Every year

In her own time

She comes

Our moments are brief

But this I can rely on

Her scent is sweet

Her beauty exquisite

O, how I long for the days

When our eyes finally meet

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(Un)Covering Wounds

The more you know

the less you want to know

some things get uncovered 

drawn out into the open

ugly wounds

that have been wrapped up for years

bruises that haven’t healed

scars so deep

they don’t know how to be normal again

pleading and begging

’Oh, to be anything I’m not

but please, don’t ignore me

see me for who I am

unfiltered and true’

But my eyes are ...

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Nightly Routine

Late at night 
Lying in bed
Headphones on
Listening to music
Or a few recorded poems
Reading the latest 
I attempt to craft a new one
Or brush up a draft not quite finished

It’s becoming routine
I’ve always been
An undercover poet
Now I’m sharing my words 
With my family’s support as an added bonus

Shared are the happenings,
The disappointments,
The contests never won,

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Drove to See You

I drove down to see you
stood in your doorway unannounced
you were there with another
I again felt like an outsider
I didn’t belong
after I wrote you at length
many love songs

My poems wrapped in a box
delivered but only to be forgotten
my heart still in shock
you were going away
never to be seen again
until the month of May
when I would fly thousands of miles
just to see that smil...

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artistslost lovers

Three Little Dots

Those three little dots appear

The excitement, elation, and wonder in what could happen after those thoughts form into words 

If only I could burst those bubbles lIke hitting a pinata at a kid's birthday party 

Sweet things would come pouring out of those bubbles


Those pesky three little dots appear, disappear, and reappear

Over and over again

They haven't made up their mind


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Our Story is Done

I stand in front of a crowd
I’ve prepared for this night
I speak of you, us
I sing of you
The stories describe how we loved
And then how you left, 
How your ghost tormented me
And left my heart a wreck

I’m done crying over you
And hurting
Over and over again
Our story is done
Finally at night
My peace has come 

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breakuplost love

The Truth Within

I’ve drowned, too

trying to stay afloat

swimming in those eyes of ocean blue

navigating through hypnotic moves

and poetic words

that make you feel

he only has eyes for you 


But in truth,

you’re another hole

he’s been trying to fill

another escape

to let his mind erase

the truth within


“Was I Just Another One?”


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A Pause...

It was all so close

Was it just a dream for us to walk along the Thames

Was it all in my head that we’d walk along the Seine

To breathe in the spring flower beds

To wrap ourselves in the warmth of our kisses


The breeze would flow through my hair

The sun would shine brightly in our eyes

The energy would flow rapidly between us

But we’d say nothing at all

For we’d kno...

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Deep in Thought

I’m reaching out for something new

These eyes of mine fell upon you 

As you came walking into view

Now I’m searching my soul on what to do


Hanging on for something new

Waiting for something that’s true

Days go by, my mind’s still stuck on you


I get lost in your eyes 

My words they disguise

But I’m deep in thought on every account about you


Miles and mil...

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Words At Night

All the words to say
The sad ones
The lonely ones
The happy, grateful ones
The mad ones
The ones that circulate through you 
But never leave your lips
They rage out onto paper 
For all to read
But the ones closest to you
Will never see
These words escape you effortlessly 
Words poured out late at night
Words splayed out for others in the light of day
Words that others will relate

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The Haunting

Is it better to have a love lost

Not knowing about the other side

To have a deep hole in your heart 

To keep what was lost in the past

And always wonder ‘what if’


Or to have it come back,

Haunt you

And realize it was true

Always has been

And he’s thinking of you, too


With thousands of miles away

You both have commitments

There’s no future

Only the p...

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lost lovelove

Learning To Forget

You push your way on us

it's your way or be doomed 

be ready to face the feelings

of loneliness and confusion

but your way doesn't make sense

to me


Why must you, 

must we, 

live through these trials

and left feeling so childish


It'll all blow over soon

but you'll never apologize

you won't know how to see it through

I'll have to learn to forget


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What Really Matters

My heart has been calling

for something new.

Do you think

it would make a difference

if it's me or you

who makes this move?


This here is all that matters

Let it be that simple for once

Let’s spread love all around

Let’s take on the world unafraid

Nothing can stop us now


Just listen,

you'll hear me sing.


Don't worry,

leave your cares behind.


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lovenew love interestspeace

A Sea of Red

A sea of red lights

cars stopped


the hours of rush

is all hurry up 

and wait

they race against each other 

only to be home alone 

or tucked away with their lovers

they spent all day

dreaming of their escape 

now they must wait

a brief pause

the reason

the cause

only too much

in the way




what they long to see


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Start with ‘Hello’

The pattern repeating 
clicking here and there 
looking for an update or reply
or something I needed to say 
except it’s gone too soon 
like the fading of the day 

The truth is I had a lot to say 
countless conversations 
despite they’ve all been in my head 
I’ve said all that I needed to 
so now it’s out of the way

We’ve talked about the books we’ve read, 
the music we’ve heard, 

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Knowing Limits

Yesterday I stood there
in shine of the sun 
with blue skies above
walked a few feet ahead 
with my furry friend
the clouds quickly darkened,
and rain followed suit

Without an umbrella, I tugged at his collar 
but the voice in me rang to “get lost in the pouring rain” 
knowing my limits, we turned and home we went.

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Heartbeats a flutter
hundreds of thoughts a minute
but not a word can I say
wrapped up 
sitting across from you 
just inches away
sitting counting the beads wrapped around my wrist

This is killing me
make a move
say something
to prove
there's a reason 
why we're here


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Little Baby

Watching you grow 
brings joy to our eyes
You’ve got your Daddy 
to make you smile 
and your Mama 
to hold you tight 
while you sleep at night 
we'll make everything alright

First a crawl, walk, then run
O, to watch you grow is so much fun 
From your first skinned knee
a little kiss will make you believe 
we’ll be right here whenever you need

Years will pass
but this love will al...

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babiesfamilyparentsparents pride

The Disposables

We met there in the bar
most nights
the same drink
the same table
conversing over troubles
we leaned on each other 
in those long nights 

This night
I sit and wait
at the same table
with the same drink
you hadn’t arrived yet
and I linger for hours

Nights like this pass
was it something I said
was there someone new
what was it keeping you

Then you arrive one night...

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Another Love Poem

How many times does it cross your mind

Maybe a thousand times 

I’d rather have you near

Than only have your poems reciting in my ear

Sure, they comfort me

But most days and nights I need you miserably

And those heartbreaking songs

They make me feel like we belong 

Despite the truth of our existence 

I wish to be in your presence 


So here’s another love poem


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For the Poetry

There’s a connection 
A brief flirt
And before you know it
We’re going crazy over each other’s words
The list of reasons confirms you won’t be good for me
But it’ll make for some good poetry

We fool around, lift each other up
Take a drink from the lover’s cup
But watch out,
Don’t get in too deep
Remember this is only for the poetry

We circle around crazy ideas
The two of us in a be...

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Spiraling down a dark hole
no way out
no way to return 
from where I've come

Sucked in by the force
matter dissolving all around
and I, too, 

I've seen all,
experienced all 
that I need to
I'm going through without regrets, 
not looking back
This is who I am now
I fade to black 


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Down on Lovers Lane

Walking down Lovers Lane on that cool October evening 
We stopped and lingered there
Stood only inches apart
There wasn’t anything more to say
I wasn’t one for small talk anyway 
We both knew what we wanted
I asked that fateful question,
‘What are you waiting for?’
You kissed me
All I can remember is that time stood still
I lost my breath 
I lost feeling in my legs
I crashed to the gro...

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first kisslost lovememories

My Songs

Songs of love and happiness
Erase all my feelings of sadness
Wipe away these tears 
And all my fears 
Nothing but blue
When I'm living with you
Nothing but blue 
When I'm listening to you,
My songs of sadness 

When I wake in the morning
You’re the first thing I want to hear
Start my day with you ever so near
Songs close to my heart
May we never part
I listen to you,
My songs of sa...

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Lost and Found

Let me help you flip the switch
Scratch that itch 
that’s been burning 
For some time we’ve been yearning 
for each other
Under the moonlight
we reach for a lover
that’s been like no other

I’ve longed to hold you,
to have you close to me
to feel you envelop me
to have our hands intertwine
to graze my fingers across your body and across your lips
to rest my hand on your cheek
to loo...

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Swallowed by the Shine of the Sun

Sitting in the sun
Soaking up the warmth 
Staring out into the distance 
Hoping that something will change
Every time I’m in the light

With the rustle of leaves
And birds flying by
Whistling to their mates
Signaling Spring is here
Everything finally feels right


[Feb 2020]

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A Love I Cannot Return

I place my hand on hers and I rub her back,

I sit there and listen,

But I can't give her anything back,

All she wants is to find someone who understands her,

But I do understand, completely, 

And a love I cannot return,

Because I'm not made the same way 

I don't have the same desires as she does,

My world is different.


And so, it is what it is,

Two lonely people ...

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Empty and Nothing

I saw your face after 8 months of absence

Could have avoided it by taking another path

But I pressed on

Faced the challenge

Saw your smile

And I felt nothing

No joy

No pain

No love

Only the regret that I gave you more than you ever deserved


I relived the moment a hundred times

I could have said so many things 

I could have taken the high road and be pleasan...

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