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I Swear I Won't Mourn You 


I swear I won't mourn you 


I won't miss the days 

Of snuggling up to you 

Of you kissing away my fears

Of the long phone calls talking about our days

They never happened anyway


I won't miss the time you visited

And baked my favorite dish

And watched the kids while I went for a run

And folded my laundry tightly

It never happened anyway


I won't mi...

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You take flight with Tokyo in mind. 
Suddenly it’s Tokyo on the airwaves, 
Tokyo in your eyes. 
Red lights beam everywhere in the skies 
and I’m left wondering, 
where are you tonight? 

Does she have you captured 
in a spinning room 
inspiring all your ink to spill? 
There was a time when it was … 

O, I’d love to interrupt, 
change the tune, 
but there aren’t any red lights flashin...

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You Gave Me Everything, and Nothing At All

Mother, mother 
when I left you
did you realize 
that all those years 
would lead us to a dead end? 

You gave me everything from the start 
but nothing in the end. 

Nights came full of frustration 
followed by days of disappointment, 
hours of mind-numbing waiting, 
unanswered calls 
confirmed I wasn’t worth 
the effort giving. 

You gave me everything, 
and nothing at all. 


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Meet Me By The Shore

A sequel to Walking Down To The Lake

There she is, a former glow 
that once filled a room the moment 
she granted it with her presence, 
a memory of what used to be.

The frigid air blowing through the trees 
on this winter night reminds us 
that the warmth we used to know 
left us long ago.

What would it take 
but a grasp of her hand, 
an inviting smile, a long embrace 
to shake ...

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Let Me Dream

Let not this fantasy be shattered by reality. 
Let me stay in the bliss of passionate kisses, 
Where tenderness sends shivers down my neck.

I’d rather not argue over the daily banality, 
Whose turn it is to mind the children 
While the other is out for the night.

I’d rather stay in a trance of poetry 
Shared in our bloodstreams; 
Let it not bleed out from our hearts.

Perhaps for the...

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