Today I was challenged, to think beyond the now

Today I was challenged, to let go and move one

Today I was challenged, to embrace all regardless the form

Today I was challenged, to be the best of me


To love beyond my limits

To endure beyond the pressures

To hold on even when it hurts

To push on even when the body tires


Today I saw my potential, beyond what my eye has ever seen

Today I learnt the value of patience, because every labour has its reward

Today I discovered my inner strength, my perseverance rekindled

Today I saw with new eyes, the beauty that dwells in all


Some will come and they will use

Some will stay and appreciate

Some will change and walk away

What you give, the center of it all


Today I chose the higher road

Today I chose to be temperate

Today I chose to look within

Today I held myself in


Because of love, my lips remain silent

Because of patience, my hands are still outstretched

Because of love, my ears remain open

Because of duty, I will still be here when needed

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