The Bard's Walking Blues

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My dawg has got the blues.
Surely must be a sad tale
ready to make me cry.
Lord! Lord! Lord!
Dog's got the goddamn doggone blues.
Got to be some kind of answer
and spirits again leaping high.

But here's a sorry, sorry man
a small gittar in his hayand.
Just the same wherever he go
all across this heap o' land.
And when he grow so weary 
stripped of consciousness,
he sees not one dog but another
and another, and the rest...

So sad they all have the blues!
Lord, the story of they sorrows
-multiplied over n' over-
enough to make the whole world cry.
Lord! Lord! Lord!
They howl and they howl in their blues.
Got to get me some piece of answer
and spirits again high, so high.

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Thu 14th May 2020 04:45

You find the essence of soul and blues very less in poetry and the absence is sorely felt ! Your poem represents the spirit of a very romanticized genre that has been very close to my heart over the years, A dying pet also is quite literally the worst thing that can happen Keep writing great and simple poems like these the world needs them.

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