Elegy For Days Lost

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Elegy For Days Lost


Another day has come and passed

Left pain and sadness in its wake

The seconds, minutes, hours amassed

The sun will give the moon will take

The distant friends the loved ones lost

Amid the times of dread disease

Each family will count the cost

And curse the name of days like these


And yet the sky was clearest blue

I wrote a poem, sang a song

We danced together me and you

and talked and laughed the whole day long

We passed by others in the street

And noticed them unlike before

We went online our friends to meet

We valued moments, wanted more


Tomorrow is another day

The sun will rise and set again

Some will win and others will pay

Each loss rebalanced with a gain

These times will pass as others did

We may look back on them and say

We were alive we never hid

They could not take our dreams away

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Ian Whiteley

Mon 25th May 2020 19:05

Thanks for the kind comments all - I really appreciate it. I enjoyed writing this one and really liked how it came together ?

Nice to see you blogging again Hilary ?
Thanks again for commenting Po ?
Thanks J J - glad you liked it ?


Sun 24th May 2020 16:51

A very moving poem ending on a note of optimism.

I really like the tone and pace.

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Hilary Walker

Sun 24th May 2020 16:19

Beautifully poignant Ian x

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