Language of You

With pen and paper in hand

I write love letters to you in the early morning 

When I know that your mind is still wavering in dream 

When this conscious body craves the affection of yours as you turn over slowly in your sleep 

and sigh against the curve of my neck 


It is not easy to fill the time that you are absent 

Meaningless tasks seem to pass too quickly 

But from far away 

I pray that this message in a bottle will wash up somewhere on your shore 

That a paper plane will glide to you and slip through your open window 

so that the rustle might awaken you at last 


I await the years ahead 

with you 

I am planning so much of my life beside you 

This roadmap that I paint across my skin 

Like a tattoo - you are irreplaceable and irrevocable 

To lose you now would be more than disappointing 

It would crack through the glass and splinter deep inside 



words in the English dictionary 

But not one appears to be enough to describe you 

If the words I spoke about you appeared on your skin

You would be painted in the most beautiful sceneries and landscapes

Cursive ink tying these pieces of ourselves together 


We are missing milestones while apart 

But I know there is more to come 

There is nothing better than to be a lotus floating in your calm waters 

You are the human equivalent of a blessing 

A pure, good thing




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Fri 22nd May 2020 01:15

These lines stood out the most for me:

words in the English dictionary
But not one appears to be enough to describe you"

Well done, Cait. It's lovely. ?

<Deleted User> (24283)

Thu 21st May 2020 04:04

Beautifully expressed!! ?

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