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Untitled – 7

With aims to impress,
And self imposed duress
He compares himself to the rest;
A soul-set compress.

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To My Body-Consciousness (Subconscious Mind)

To this body-consciousness — I am in awe of you.
For we are in tandem, through blinding white and deep blue.
Only in cooperation, can we be steered true.
For this, I must listen to you.

With deep reverence, I have only solemn respect.
You live in grace; but I, in fast-pace.
‘Tis now time to share like dialect.
Time for me now, to look you in the face.

To some you are considered unconsc...

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Shit Leaves at 9:30

A flower may grow in the strangest of places.
So long as its basic needs are met.
But if you take them away, it will wilt.
Watch as the petals fall.

To the beat of the wind.

This is ok.

Let it go.

Watch as the flower decays.
Seed pods dehisce.
Stems weaken.
The body begins to curl.

All energy now put into reproduction.
But there isn’t enough.
One last painful sting.
A final...

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Hollow Planet

I exist in a place
Where God himself
Would become neurotic.

Skin torn from mental fallacy.
Eyes blinded by self deception.
There is no question of faith.
So don’t question me.

You’re not strong for being here — 
Look where you want;
We’re all dead.
I could not care less for your disbelief.

To be here,
Is to be alone.
Nothing is interested
In what you have to say.

I want you ...

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Dumb Animal

What am I?
But a beating heart
And a bleeding truth?

Wrapped in skin
With a poor excuse?


Searching for a door
That goes back to before...

But that light just keeps dancing.

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Untitled - 6

I owe myself an apology.
For a shame far greater than my own anthology.
For something that only I could take away from me.
And for something only God knew I would never see.

The mistakes I made;
The fortune forthwith I played,
Incorrectly; a self-pointed blade.
Living now, forever dismayed.

Remember how he cried?
Shackled by the throat, on the day he died?
A soul begging for mercy,...

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Incapable of tenacity,
My efforts become wasted.
No issue of bone density,
But one of sweet love, tasted.

Too far away;
It never existed.
Mere fiction to fill my day.
My face turns away.

That's just my way,
It seems.

To fill my day,
With fallacy;
Your head with 'promise me'.

Watch as I dance around meaning without capacity.
Please, no flash photography –
Try, but you...

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Untitled.- 4

I've never been understood.
Just understabbed and overtook.
Spent all my time trying too hard.

Why's it so hard to accept?

This voice ain't loud enough.
This body wasn't built for that.
I can't do the things you do. 
I wish I could, oh God I do, but...

I accept defeat.

My head hangs low.
Do as you wish.
No spine in me.
That dissolved long ago.

Along with my care and joy.


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Unsung Beauty

If a bird sings,
To an empty wood
Is his song still meaningful?
Is his sound still beautiful?

Violent devastation
Took the peace,
And destroyed his home.
Yet he eagerly starts again.

Watch as he hops, collecting sticks
Carefully examining for any sign of damage or misprint.
No time for second thought
Everything must be the same.

For he longed to play his song.

Without the tree...

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Shatter the Stone Duck

Did you meet the bird of stone?
The one sat, await the grass to grow?
Does he fear the hollow within?
As he is only plaster thin?

And did you meet his grass?
The one too weak to grow?
Cells too thin; light too strong.
The kind that doesn't get too far...
You know, not good like you or I.

He's ok, he's just not meant for where he is;
Rootbound by concrete enclosure.
In full view of t...

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Untitled - 3

Reminiscent of how things were, I no longer wish to be.
Moving too fast through life;
Beautiful colours blurred dull grey.
[I wish I had again, those spectacles worn as a child.]
My eyes remain; but milky white.

This body will decay, just like yours.
All phenomena will cease.
My function will be reversed.
I’ll no longer play a role in this world.

Much happier then, shall I be.


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Recognise me

Perception now distorted.

Tie-dye sky.

A deep darkness recognized.

Spent. She’s got you on your knees.


Cry for help.

Because she’s got you.


Say’s she.


Fall; say’s she.

Wait; I know me.


I’ve got your soul boy.

Don’t speak your mind, boy.

Fall to your knees, boy.


Bowed, beneath swung teet.

Spine liquified.

Manhood now sof...

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Finding a Way Down

Finding a way down
Twisting and turning
Orient crucial at every turn
Wait for the water to still

A mirrored pool
Thoughts already had,
A breath already taken.
The dissociation begins.

Pieces falling out of place
A calm mind essential.
No mind present
Left now right, up down, now and never.

The broken string
Dissonant promise of love.
All is lost, and never was
The ill father c...

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Come. Let's swim.

Resting – a respite from time that doesn't stop.

Breathing – reintegrating the first principle.

Sober – unchanged mind.

Entranced in my subjective palace, polished in the finest way.

Pristine – untouched – complete; a temple preserved only in mind.


Insight trapped by absence of motivation.

A mind blurred between black and white.

A grey figure dancing in the mist.

A bec...

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Untitled - 2

*This is a little on the nose and might make people uncomfortable, so I suppose that I'd advise reading at your own discretion. I apologise if something like this isn't appropriate to post - I wonder if perhaps there's a way to hide posts from the main feed?.*


Multicolour haze.

Magnetic alignment; the image realised.

Misconstrued purpose.


Cells woven. Built for war.


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See that boy there – yeah.

He's emotionally rich. On the outside all poor – bad clothes, no girl, s*** car; no house.

But on the inside he got that swirlin' blue; that vibrant yellow – an' all that compassion

For me an' you.

You might not see him, but he see us, an'

He got that rich flow but nothin' to show.

No smile for you, cause he on his own.

He on his own.

Him and his ...

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Poet by nature, not by practice.

I consider myself a poet.

Yet I've never written one.

In my head I'm the best;

Yet, I've not won. Not once. Not now. Maybe not ever.


I wish to learn to conduct my feelings.

Through this pen and onto the page.

Like passengers on a train:

Shaken into a box to be put away.


Dated, signed and sent.

Now poised, waited for the profit to return.

Poised, like a proph...

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