Broken road

Down all the broken roads

Hearts beat with heavy loads


Thoughts sinking deeper

Memory I don't want to remember


I lie to myself the most

Saying evil things like a bad roast


The darkness in her eyes

With the words flow sweet lies


Cross roads of love and fear

Mistakes make them brought so near


Mind plays awful game

Fear of the unknown leave nothing to change


Happiness is a lie we tell ourselves

We think it's a choice like a can on the shelf


Either way I wind up hurt

Left feeling like utter dirt


I wish my heart could just scream

Just tell my thoughts don't be so mean


Outside as ugly as it's in

Thoughts playing pretend


No one can provide for me

It's only me it's gotta be


How am I supposed to take care of my self

When I can't even handle the pain I delt


◄ God what's normal?

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