Wild Rice


There it sits

on the burner

a pot of rice

nice and warm

looking so pale and passive

but suddenly steam pours out

the pot blows its lid

and rice boils over

and spills all over the kitchen floor

turns out this was not

your regular tame white rice

but "Wild Rice"

which is undomesticated

and can turn on you in a moment

you never know

it's unpredictable

use caution when fooling around

with wild rice

it can become aggressive

and charge you when your back is turned

don't assume it is just soft and cuddly

cook the hell out of it

before you eat it

to make sure it's dead.


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Thu 21st May 2020 20:32

You should really change the place you get your wild rice from 😃

Loved the Comedic Imagery, about something as normal as cooking rice...oh sorry wild rice.

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