All these gifts, All these blessings in disguise
His mysterious ways, his sadistic delight

From the trees of eden that give a graveyard sigh
To the centipedes within me that just do not die

The students of the earth bicker together, both dung and honey flies
They buzz together, they fly together but alone they shall die

Oblivious to better sunsets, oblivious to a better day
Unknowing of their mouths,through which they can protest and say

Speak whatever their hearts may roar
And scream as high as their spirits can soar

All this sacrifice this hurt its worth it in the end
But alas when does it end
There is only so much a man can struggle
Only so far a stick can bend

The bludgeoning and beatings of this world have left in me a bitter dent
Flowers sweet and flowers rose have in them an infernal scent

These signatures of heaven on earth give me a hellish kind of gist
Gaze upon my hollow eyes can't you see the burning jewels dying in the mist

In pain here I found salvation I was delivered beneath the scythe
Dying and being born daily has given me a prometheus kind of vibe


Al-Barr (The generous and most courteous) ►



Sat 9th May 2020 12:46

Thanks so much! I love this community here

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