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Just inject it

Or swallow it if you like

I think that will be OK

Maybe shine a light

Or if you can

Get the light inside you

That will work, right?

Or pray

Praying’s good

Pray big

That should work

I’m an expert

I’m a big expert

There’s no bigger expert

Than me


He said it
I don’t believe it

He actually said it

What’s all this about injections?

What The Fuck!

He just said light would kill it.

Praying now

Jesus H Christ


He says he’s a fucking expert

I’m the fucking expert

Say Something

Say something

Or somebody’s going to get hurt.

He’s not an expert

He’s the president

I can’t say anything


Two experts

In their field

Both failing in their duty

One a mouth with no brain

The other a brain with no mouth

Watch them

Like teenagers at a dance

Subtly avoiding eye contact

The stupidity flows

No one stops it

Idiocy becomes truth

Truth is believed

Belief kills


Just irony

In the end

A laugh

A bit of banter

Who will believe them both now?

When the gargling sycophant

And the intravenous

Disinfectant addict

Are cold on a slab

Of reality

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Ian Whiteley

Sun 3rd May 2020 12:38

cheers Cynthia - yes it was one of those jaws on the floor moment wasn't it - couldn't let it pass without comment - was just waiting for the right prompt to come up ?
Now gone back to the NAPoWriMo prompts for 2018 as I only did them from last year.

Thanks for the kind comments Hannah - if only we had New Zealand's leader eh - we would have come out of this a lot better - glad you liked it and thanks both of you for commenting ?

<Deleted User> (18118)

Sat 2nd May 2020 21:39

The Virus crisis has brought out some strange ideas and modes of behaviour.
The leaders have not provided much strength or guidance but people have found a strength within themselves.


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Cynthia Buell Thomas

Sat 2nd May 2020 16:40

Fantastic! So glad somebody lifted a 'pen' to it, and so expertly!

'Sarcastic!' as he claimed. It takes very clever people to use sarcasm adroitly; who know when not to use it at all. My husband and I just sat fixated, with our chins in our laps.

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