For two hundred and fifty years these interlopers

Have squandered our land, spread squalor everywhere,

Massacred the natural beauty of sea and air and land.

Europeans killed us for their sport,

They knew nothing of the sacred,

They spread their filth everywhere across America. 

Listen, now, to the ghost-dancers of the Souix

Chant their hatred of these fat white males 

Who only know how to despoil the works of God

Who have no concept of stewardship, only private greed,

They think they can own the very air above their heads..

We watched them massacre the holy bison:

The white buffalo are dead, extinct

Like our proud culture, replaced by alcohol and gambling

and drugs on reservations.

The bodies of our ancestors, 

Who resisted guns with bows and arrows,

Still rot under the holy sun.

These white-skinned bastards have no respect for themselves:

They are rapists and child-killers.

Now, they love watching sadistic pornography.

They spoil all the Great Spirit has bequeathed us.

They are a scourge to the world.

No good is captured in their web of life

Evil infects their dreams,

They have never learnt

To just sit and be still.


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