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Rhyming dream

When the night grows dark

And all return home after long day task


And the moon rises high in the dark black sky

Studded with stars creating a magical high


All the yester years memories creeps

Into the room where we are lying asleep


From the eyes, into the deepest mind

A dream grows into a reality keeping spell bind


The sleeper carefully speaks and play t...

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Just truth

No matter the distance

No time nor space

Nothing of rifts annd valleys

Simply nothing can

Change my feelings for you

Love and trust and hopes in you

My madness, craziness and going bonkers

Head over heels and head without reasoning

Call it love is blind or vision imapired

Whatever anyone names it or says

Just one truth can neither change nor rewind

My feelings, emo...

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Morning love

As the day breaks i can hear the  chirping birds 

Melodious music fills the air around me

I love the cool breeze gently playing with me

The long black tresses dance with the wind

I can feel your hands caressing my body every inch

As i crumble in your arms, just the finger touch

My body simply melts and i given in to you for love

For you are ideed the man i have ever loved and ...

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Just my thoughts for today

This is the life i have chosen

This is how i wanted it to be

Away from the chaos

Away from those wannabes 


Where my life is moving

Where i am going to

Nothing is yet certain 

But certainty isn't true


If i would have done this

What if that was actually done

All such thoughts are useless

What is happening was only destined for


Was my imagination run...

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Isolation blue's and pink's

Isolation blues are nothing new

But being completely isolated is anew

I'd never experienced something like this ever before 

Although it's an enriching experience but not so good

At first all things chaotic left my heart and home

All worries evaporated and i felt so much at home 

Slowly the pinks of feelings started turning all so blue

Being stuck home alone, how to survive, I...

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Goal directed pursuit

The light pervades within

And darkness leaves

My body is but my worship place

None have authority to taint it


Beauty lies in your heart

The way your soul behaves

Mercy and forgiveness 

These are its best traits


Don't try to plunder me

You shall find nothing here

I've a secret chamber

Where I keep my jewels hidden


The precious stones 

You are se...

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There's a song circling along

In the deepest core of my heart

Just wanna share my love with you

Just wanna be my crazy self for you

It's all the smile that it takes to get the glow 

Glittering alleys and happiness that follows

Ive been humming like a bumble bee

A song circling right within me

Just wanna share my world with you

Just wanna rip my heart open for you

So c...

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Wholesome heart"

I wish to smell the flowers of peace 

The gloriously white shimmering 

Glowing under sunlight bright

Fragrances strong spreading along

The smell of silence as i go around

A garden full of tranquility and serenity

Swinging my way to ease and a comfortable life

The see saw that gives a glimpse and then hides

As a play of watchfulness and sweetest sleep

Here i go, there i s...

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Hopes AND fears"

I've left everything on God

What was meant to be, happened 

What is meant, will also happen

What isn't, will never be 

Releasing all my negative energies 

Into space that can purify them and return

As positive energies flowing back within

When all is submitted before the highest power

Then no buden remains inside engulfing the soul

A void created which can be refueled wi...

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There is so much pain in the world

So many people broken and hurt

Life is all good at times

And others it's troublesome and unkind

The roller coasters all ready to set in motion

Confusing minds and hearts with negative emotions

Laughter and smiles hanging for miles

Never know the plans of God,

This way or that way


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Sometimes in life you have to firmly decide

The path that you wish to follow and the one to unfollow

What helps you make up your mind?

Emotional abuse, physical tortures abd a past bleeding battered

Breaking the threads of kinship isn't a sane advice 

Both socially and spiritually it's considered a great vice

Reasonings and logical views chokes your hurt mind

With a sword of p...

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Love birds"

Beautiful love birds, in a cage,

making love all night and all day.


Musical charms of morning dew,

brings with it caressing hue.


Like the fog and mist that envelopes the atmosphere, 

love showers bathe the loving birds in lovely coulours.


Beneath the warm blankets and over silken sheets,

their bodies flame up in love heat to cool through love filled sweats.



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Just me"

I'm a child of destiny and fate

Where ever they lead me i must go


I have no friend, parent, siblings or family

Oh world! I was born and I'm still all alone


The winds are my only family 

The world is my only home


I've no home of my own, ain't homeless though

A job is all I've to sustain me till i am whole


God is my creator and my protector too

He wrote...

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Old Year Eve"

This last day off to sleep

It was great to see it weep


365 days went rolling by

Only 1/4th left to die


Shall i cry, bidding goodbye

So many memories, i need to cry


Nineteenth year of a Millennium celebration 

Making it's way to handsome jubilation 


All the lessons learned and unlearned 

Gifted us with hope, peace and felt loved


As the evening ...

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