Seasonal Sensations

Seasonal Sensations


The body tingles as a transformation takes place

goose pimples yield to outstretched bronzed arms

in the landscape of an English summer

It is assured as night follows day

so does Spring herald the summer idyll of hope

The replaceable gives way yet again

as wicker basket chairs and mowed lawns

sit gently beneath the fruit trees in blossom

Sandals are donned as winter's wardrobe

is duly incarcerated in appropriate darkness

The long awaited birds return north

as I rummage for last year's sunglasses

Stews are off the menu as salads freshly arrive

with sparkling rose wines and the other drinks

of a winter's evening lie dormant in some cabinet or other

I write invitations for my August Garden Party

carefully studying the compatiblity of guests

Open windows permit a gentle breeze to invade the house

as the curtains flare a magpie strutts across the lawn

◄ Do you see?

This is my Country and these are my People ►


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keith jeffries

Sat 23rd May 2020 19:37

Dear Jon, Jennifer, Po., Itsjustmedownhere, Abdul and Liam,

Thank you all for your kind comments. They are much appreciated..


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Wed 20th May 2020 21:00

Delightful and a treat to read Keith. I agree with Jennifer. The ending is captivating and beautifully written

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jennifer Malden

Fri 15th May 2020 14:44

Really gives the idea of a long hoped for change of season- Liked it all, but in particular the last two lines. Great stuff as always.


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Thu 14th May 2020 18:47

What visual delights Keith.

I patiently await the desert.

The power of a brillig imagination... or image-nation as I oft call it.

Side note:

My sides are splitting as a very angry face in the bottom right corner when hovered over says... 'Angry' regarding my comment.

Oh! hang on, it has changed to formal... is that a reference to the dress attire on your invite perhaps?

Po 😋

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