Death (XIII)

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Death (XIII)


My entrance on a pale horse

Raising the black standard with white rose

Is anathema to most


These bones are survivors

Of the battle between

The worlds of living and dead


This black armour

From the land of eternal sleep

Is unsurmountable


Before me

The clergy, kings and peasants

Fall beneath my hooves


When she flips me over

The unwary and unwise

Gasp and run away


But I am just an avatar

A harbinger of endings

Not of death itself


I am the victim of visage

The receiver of reputation

I am the fermentation of fear


Do not judge me harshly

Gentle diviner of fortunes

I am misunderstood

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Ian Whiteley

Thu 28th May 2020 14:43

Thanks for the kind comments Trixie - glad you liked it - the Tarot is a much misunderstood set of cards

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Trixie Gore

Wed 27th May 2020 13:01

Excellent poem and good advice for the reader of Tarot!

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