Billy No Mates

I've told you before stay clear of that

Boy if you ask me there's

Something wrong there

Turning up to school on his own not a soul

Knows a thing about him he's a

Right mystery

(Stand still when I'm

Talking to you) he may be good at

Maths and yes' he's

Tiny but he's always fighting he's

Beaten kids much

Bigger he made mincemeat of Jimmy

Cummings its autism if you ask me that

Kid looks wild Betty

Patel says he's got nits so keep your

Distance I've heard those spells in

Detention have only

Made him worse they tried to

Expel him (have you washed

Behind your ears?) but they cant find his

Mother, yes, he's a right little monkey

It could be child abuse behind it

They say he roams the

Streets at night (are you listening to me?) a

Social worker needs to get to the

Bottom of it the mischievous

Imp and another thing

Where does he live

Why are half the teachers off sick

Why do they seem so

Afraid of him?



billy no matesschoolteachersautismchild abuse

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Sun 31st May 2020 16:11

The most troubling kids are often the most troubled Simon,

A beautiful poem and one very close to heart,


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Tim Ellis

Sun 31st May 2020 12:32

Intriguing! Nice work Simon.

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