Stillness that stirs

Silence that purrs

Doubt that enlightens

Shadow that brightens


Here and now 

Live Love Bow

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How a mother touches her baby to sleep

How the cool wind in the dusk smells of the last rays of the Sun

Silence has her ways to comfort our soul to stillness

She scrapes the rust of carelessnes

Flinging the debris away from the beating heart 

Planting a single seed of hope husked within doubtfulness

In the now fertile soil of calmness


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Chasing the squirrel

Kissed by Sun

The chosen one

Wonder fills her eyes


Chasing the squirrel 

With bushy black tail

Never out of her tries 


On way back

Tracing the track

Outstretched her palm


See mumma see

A squirrel baby

Tara rara rumpumpum


Open mouth 

Without a doubt

I saw the invisible thing 


A child’s play

My heart slay

High and low I sing


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Song of Death

The smog hung smugly on to the skyscrapers 

Claiming their victory over the land of zombies 


A yellow flower almost imperceptibly crept its head up through a crack on the concrete floor 


For what it’s worth, a child deprived of her fair share of happiness plucked the life out of the only green


The Machines never cease their triumphant trumpets

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Do not become my habitual respite

Be the cold alter

where I worship introspection 

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A mother’s gift

The marks on my face hide their own stories.

Some are happy, some steeped in worries.

You, my Heart, beat out of my ageing cage.

Write your story my child, turn a new page.

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Woman incomplete

Malathi did not board the morning bus to work today.

I looked at the woman seated beside me in Malathi’s usual place.

Clad in a saree, fresh flowers in her hair, ready to tackle the long hours of work in dust and heat.

She must be around her mid forties.

Does she have a family to provide for?

Else why has she joined the wagon of the working class at the wee hours?

Does she have a...

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social stigmataboo

Sun Snatcher

When you see the sun setting behind the black clouds,

his rays stretched towards you in the hope of rescue,

and you know it’s not his time to leave,

it’s not dusk yet,

what do you do?


Stay still, stay calm.

Kiss him goodbye.

Make yourself a cup of tea,

sit by the fire, read a book, and wait.

Wait for he shall return soon.

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Before I left

I checked myself in the mirror.

Made sure I am wearing my smile 

Bight red on my chapped lips,

Concealing the blood streaks

trapped around the corners.


Before I left 

I checked myself in the mirror.

Made sure I am wearing my confidence 

Jet black on my sunken eyes,

Hiding the pain and angiush

lost some where in my daily routine.


Before I ...

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reflectionsselfworthchange for the better

Miss Fortune

“So what does he have that I didn’t?”

Asked my ex.

“Misfortune”, I replied and walked away.

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We are at war


We are at war 

and I should not be calm.

We are on the battleground 

Holding our castles 

and guarding our rights and riches.


We, you and me, are at war my love 

And I should not find peace.



You and I built the bridges and burnt the forests 

You and I conquered the mounts and rode the vales

You and I ploughed the ...

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Love warrior

I forgave you

because you are incapable of love.

Bruised and scarred I keep on fighting in my dreams

to forgive myself for ever loving you.

Until my last breath.

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The plant and the pigeon

A  pigeon


on the veranda 

amidst her flight of fantasy.

She looked curiously

as I waved and noded 

She cocked her head

in some disbelief 

and asked: where to?

Before I could answer

from my muddy pot

She flapped away

leaving behind 

a white misshaped mark.





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Journey to the Light

Quilt of darkness spread over my soul,

I walked to the bridge with exact toll,

But there was no one to let me pass

I waited for long; then sat on the grass.



Had no clock to tick the time,

To keep me sober I started a hymn,

As I uttered, the silence danced,

Few words fled, few got enhanced.



The gushing river her waters black,

With the dirge-rhyth...

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Silence has a new name tonight

After dark, it would be the Light

Buzing behind your closed eyes;

Dare not open, else you pay the price..

Shushhhh shush dear, don’t be afraid

I’ll sing lullaby, words unsaid.

Silence has a new name tonight

Keep your lids shut and tight.

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Goodbye Daddy

Tick tock

Blue frock

Little Annie by the dock

“Goodbye Daddy, sail safe

Here’s your key, I hold the lock”

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farewellfather daughter

Married but

Simplicity beckons me 

To play with her straight strands of hair cropped a little shorter than I would’ve liked

Simplicity lures me 

To rest my head on her bosom somewhat flatter than I would’ve loved


Tonight I must go home and sleep with my Complexities, like a married man.

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Soul stirrer

You asked for my soul

and I laid it bare, for you.

Trampled, beaten, mistaken, burnt, and forgotten

It lies in the depth of a blue sea

out of breath and still.

Moss and coral has taken over my soul 

or what is left of it.

A black and blue striped fish stopped by yesterday to check if she can lay her eggs in there.

I think she will.

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